VAC hosts abstract watercolor workshop Saturday

Imagine glass being shattered. The random shapes and patterns are totally unpredictable. Now take these haphazard glass pieces and marry them with watercolors; then add a playful attitude. This is the experimental watercolors workshop. Like music on paper, colors flow in delicate waves.

KDEN’s ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ available online

In August, Kilauea Drama &Entertainment Network was in production with our annual summer musical, Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance. After 15 months without being able to do a show, being allowed to rehearse together and perform was a return to some sense of normal for the cast, crew and orchestra. The audience delighted in the show and the ability to go out and enjoy a live performance. COVID-19 protocols were in place with social distancing, mask wearing, and temperature checks and sanitation stations at the door.

Let’s Talk Food: Are you cooking your potatoes properly?

There are no instructions that are attached to potatoes when you buy them at the store. The way most people know about how to cook them is because their mother told them and they just obeyed. She never gave you a reason why, but you never questioned why and did it her way.

Tropical Gardening: Mango and papaya thrive in the heat

We usually think of lush tropical gardens when Hawaii comes to mind, but much of our land especially on the leeward side is desert. There are many delectable fruits that actually do best where conditions are hot and dry. Figs, pomegranates, papaya and dates are just a few that come to mind, but mangoes are by far the most popular.

Volcano Watch: What’s that rising from the lava lake?

The past year has seen fluctuating lava lakes, ephemeral lava fountains, craggy spires, and drifting “islands” reminiscent of pre-1924 Halema‘uma‘u activity at the summit of Kilauea. The recent activity has USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientists reflecting on prior observations and how they compare to recent activity.

Tropical Gardening: Try terrariums for a stay-at-home nature project

With concerns over the COVID-19 impact, many folks are spending more time at home. Instead of going to the office, people are working at home. Some parents are home schooling in an attempt to keep their young children from exposure. Travel and the upcoming holidays may be limited. Some senior citizens are tending to avoid unnecessary travel as well. Here is a thought on creative home projects that may ultimately be considered for holiday gifts as the season draws near.

NAMIWalks Big Island goes virtual on Saturday

Every year the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) brings together hundreds of thousands of mental health supporters and advocates from across the country to raise mental health awareness and funds through NAMIWalks events.

Let’s Talk Food: Eating healthy foods

According to Cooking Light, the criteria for eating healthy foods are eating wholesome, nutritious foods that promote good health; eating more plant-based foods and less meat; eat minimally processed foods, as close to their natural state; taking account the responsibility of using our earth’s resources; highlighting foods that may improve gut health, which in turn helps prevent diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and enhance the immune system; experience new global cuisines, many of them being vegetarian; and “We believe that healthy eating is not only about the food but also about shared experiences at the table. Whether you are dining alone, taking a meal to a neighbor, making a weeknight meal, or preparing a holiday feast, health and wholesomeness come when we can slow down and savor the goodness of the food and the pleasure of gathering with those we love.”

EHCC aims to shock with ‘Current Events’ exhibition

A newly opened exhibition at the East Hawaii Cultural Center is designed to spur audiences to action while pushing the boundaries of what constitutes art. The exhibition, created in collaboration with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, features heaps of plastic debris collected from Kamilo Beach along with tattered old fishing nets, deposited unadorned, throughout the EHCC gallery.

BISAC receives grant from Hawaiian Electric

The Big Island Substance Abuse Council received a $15,000 grant from Hawaiian Electric to assist with providing services at their Rural Wellness Hubs. The Rural Wellness Hubs provide substance use and mental health services to rural-underserved communities.