Tropical Gardening: Trees need special love and attention

Trees, shrubs and other vegetation are the lungs of the planet, so the more the better, especially in urban and suburban settings. Some of our ancient historical trees like the banyan at Kona’s King Kamehameha Beach Hotel get so big we tend to over prune them to keep them in scale. This amazing tree is the first thing visitors see as they enter by ship at Kailua Bay so it is important that the tree is properly maintained. The spectacular banyans that frame Banyan Drive in Hilo are another example of unique trees needing love and attention. The East Hawaii Outdoor Circle has been instrumental in protecting them.

Mushroom cultivation workshop at Volcano Art Center

Instructor Zach Mermel will teach the basics of mushroom cultivation in the “Food From Wood: Growing Edible &Medicinal Mushrooms on Logs, Stumps, and Wood Chips” from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 22 at Volcano Art Center Niaulani Campus in Volcano Village.

Let’s Talk Food: Vegan cookbooks

Chef Lillian Cumic has been creating plant-based recipes for over 20 years. She is a vegan chef and cooking instructor from Sydney, Australia, and lived in Sendai, Japan, for 30 years, working in the food industry and refining her love of vegan cooking.

Volcano Watch: HVO erupts with gratitude for University of Hawaii partners

The USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory is made up of experts with a wide variety of specializations. Seismologists, geodesists, geochemists, geologists, technicians, and support staff all work together to accomplish the same mission: to monitor, research, and assess hazards related to volcanoes and earthquakes in Hawaii.

Tropical Gardening: Staghorn ferns are the survivors of dinosaur days

Hawaiian gardens have long been famous for their vast array of orchids and other showy flowering plants. Ferns on the other hand don’t get top billing in most landscapes even though they were probably the first vascular plants to make Hawaii their home. In fact, ferns have been around long before flowering plants evolved.

Tropical Gardening: A New Year’s Resolution

Observing the extreme polarization of folks who have different political, cultural or religious points of view over the last decade, we should recognize it is nothing new. We have had divisions throughout history and it makes us wonder if we will ever change for the better. The answer is yes if we are willing to focus on the real sources of our misery.

Tropical Gardening: Christmas weekend an opportunity to share aloha

This is the perfect weekend with Friday being Christmas Eve, today Christmas and Sunday Boxing Day. Many Americans are not familiar with the history of the latter, but it is perhaps second only in importance to celebrating the birth of Jesus. The tradition of Boxing Day may be traced back to the early Christian era when the rich used to box up gifts to the poor. Today it is much more popular in the UK and Commonwealth Nations and is concurrent with the Christian holiday, Saint Stephan’s Day or Day of Goodwill.