Tropical Gardening: Here we go again with another hurricane season

Hurricane season is officially here and the tropical Pacific has already had Typhoon Amphan tearing up the Philippines in May. When it comes to hurricanes, to paraphrase an old adage, June is too soon, July — standby, August a must, September — remember, then remember again October and November because it is not over until December!

County announces Ike Kai summer program

The County of Hawaii Department of Parks and Recreation announces its 2020 Ike Kai summer enrichment program. It will begin Monday, June 15, and will consist of six separate one-week long programs.

Big Island inmates sew and donate cloth masks for those in need

HONOLULU — Inmates in the Hawaii Community Correctional Center and Kulani Correctional Facility sewing program, under the direction of Hawaii Correctional Industries, made 920 cloth face coverings for those in need in the community. The masks were made with materials that were donated by people from all over Hawaii Island.

Can you help identify this photo?

The Tribune-Herald each Monday is publishing a photo from the Lyman Museum’s John Howard Pierce Photography Collection. The Kona Historical Society generously donated the collection in 2007. The museum is seeking help identifying the people and places in the pictures, most of which are from the 1960s and ’70s. Those with information about the subjects in the photos can contact the museum at 935-5021 or See identified photographs on Facebook at THIS PHOTO (NO. 0005) was captured Oct. 25, 1965.

Volcano Watch: Several notable Kilauea anniversaries occur at end of May

The past two years of “Volcano Watch” articles from late May focused on commemorating the 49th and 50th anniversaries of the Mauna Ulu eruption. However, the end of May has several other notable Kilauea eruption beginnings, changes, and endings. Here we reflect on some selected anniversaries spanning 1823–2018.

Volcano Watch: HVO welcomes Deputy Scientist-in-Charge David Phillips

It takes a village to run a volcano observatory. The position of Deputy Scientist-in-Charge (DSIC), once called Operations Manager but always known as the right hand to the Scientist-in-Charge, has long been key to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory’s success, especially as technology has advanced and staff size increased. Continuing in the tradition of skilled and dedicated leaders including Reggie Okamura, his brother Arnold Okamura, and recently retired Steve Brantley, HVO is proud to welcome David Phillips to the team.