Volcano Watch: Magnetics, magma, and monitoring: new technology for old questions

Earth’s magnetic field surrounds us every second of the day, everywhere on the planet. Anyone who has picked up a pocket compass and seen the magnetic needle quickly align itself has seen the action of this ever-present invisible field. But can we harness the magnetic field to forecast volcanic activity? Emerging technology in the field of “quantum” science may aid us in doing so.

Public invited to Hawaii Community College Day

Hawaii Community College invites the community to “an exhilarating day of discovery and connection” at the Hawaii Community College Day, which is to take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 20, at the Manono Campus in Hilo.

Books, trees metamorphose into sculpture at EHCC exhibit

Is the meaning of a book — a physical object consisting of ink, pages and binding — static? Or does the narrative change with the passage of time, where the book is placed, and the impact of natural elements like weather and insect damage?

Dolan joins HCFCU board

Hilo physician Lynda Dolan has been appointed to the Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union’s Board of Directors.

Volcano Watch: STEM and suction solutions at HVO

STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In the educational system, encouraging STEM curriculum prepares students for future careers in STEM fields. In this “Volcano Watch” article, we’ll describe how aspects of STEM are applied at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, using a specific example of field engineering work.

Foodland launches Project Keiki

Foodland Super Market on Monday launched Project Keiki, a new monthlong statewide community giving program that will help provide lunches and meals to Hawaii’s children on days they don’t have access to school lunches.

Let’s Talk Food: My favorite knives

Yes, I have a weakness for knives. When I see a knife that looks interesting, odds are that I will purchase it. I have been to many knife and sword shops in Japan, just intrigued at the craftsmanship in knife making. My son is the same way, so we have a collection of knives for every possible use: a sashimi, citrus, bread, several chef’s, several paring, a couple of bird beak, utility, boning, santoku and nakiri knives.