Letter to the Editor

Hawaii Tribune-Herald welcomes and encourages letters from readers. The guidelines are:

• Letters should be no longer than 300 words, be signed and include a phone number to verify authorship.


Letters submitted by e-mail or online form must contain a postal address, voice telephone number and valid e-mail address. Letters without phone numbers, attribution or using pen names will not be published.

• Mahalo letters should be short and not name every individual or supporter involved, but note thanks collectively. Mahalo letters not following this guideline will not be printed, or may be subject to editing to conform with this guideline.

• Letters should be typewritten and double-spaced, or if this isn’t possible, printed legibly.

• All letters are subject to editing for grammar and propriety. The newspaper also reserves the right to edit for length and may on occasion publish excerpts of a letter.

• Longer Viewpoint articles are welcome, but writers should check with the editor prior to their submission. Endorsement letters will not be published.

• Hawaii Tribune-Herald reserves the right not to publish any letter or Viewpoint articles submitted.

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Letter to the Editor

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