Dems failing to engage young people

Acouple of months ago, I wrote an op-ed for The Progressive magazine about why President Joe Biden needs to build a bridge with young Americans. The nationally syndicated piece drew hundreds of responses from strangers agreeing with my sentiments. But I heard nothing from the one place that mattered most: the White House.

Female draft debate should reopen the whole issue of involuntary service

A move in Congress to require young women to register for the draft as young men are required to do has riled conservatives like Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo. The issue is, for the moment at least, a theoretical one. America hasn’t drafted anyone in half a century, relying entirely on a volunteer military since 1973.

3 reasons CDC’s new mask guidance makes sense

Just two months after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it was generally safe for those vaccinated against COVID-19 to drop their masks, the agency switched course and now recommends that even the inoculated wear face coverings indoors in areas where the highly transmissible delta variant is spreading rapidly.

As planet burns, billionaires soar

While record-breaking wildfires burned across the Western United States, Amazon executive chairman and billionaire Jeff Bezos stepped out of his space capsule to a crowd of cheering fans. His company Blue Origin’s first launch into space was a success.

Jeff Bezos is again trying to change the world

Lots of people hate Jeff Bezos because, you know, he is the richest man in the world, but I love the guy because, to begin with, I am a bibliophile and he started this incredible online bookstore where you could buy just about any work you wanted pretty darned cheap.

After attacking Israel, Ben & Jerry’s is going to get its just desserts

“Peace, Love &Ice Cream” is the motto of Ben &Jerry’s. All was sweet and good when they stuck to flavors like Phish Food and sponsored Free Cone Day. Happy cows and all that. Even conservatives could still love Chunky Monkey despite Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield having long mixed in their hippy-dippy Vermont lefty politics supporting this or opposing that. After all, even ice cream salesmen have free speech.

Why the delta variant threatens to undermine the economic recovery

The U.S. economic recovery is being threatened by the COVID-19 delta variant. Increasing vaccination rates is the most important thing the U.S. can do to sustain the economy over the next few months. Beyond that, however, full recovery might require creating new vaccines against delta and other emerging variants.

Irwin: Incentives, rewards and expectations

Over 50 years ago, a Stanford psychologist designed and conducted the “Marshmallow Experiment” study on delayed gratification. In it, children were offered an immediate reward (the aforementioned marshmallow) or a larger reward (more marshmallows) if they were willing to wait. Follow-up studies found that those children who could delay gratification had better life outcomes as measured by SAT scores, educational achievement, and body mass index. In other words, they seemed smarter, healthier, and more successful. This study has been repeated, reworked, and cited many times over the years. Other factors — wealth, living environment, etc. — it turns out, have an impact on the predictive power of the experiment.

Is the U.S. finally taking cyberattacks seriously?

We’re barely a month out from the Colonial Pipeline hacking, perpetrated by the Russian-speaking hacking group DarkSide, which left thousands of Americans without gas, preventing many from accessing food or medicine. Not long after that was the attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, which shut down multiple processing plants, perpetrated by Russian cybercriminal group REvil.

Think twice, Grandma, before you become the nanny

Saying no to babysitting your grandchildren might be one of the most distressing and complicated refusals in human relationships. But it’s something more retirees should do instead of serving as primary child-care givers while parents are at work.

The US and China need to keep investing in their relationship

The web of commercial ties spun between the world’s two largest economies over the past two decades is fraying. Early in the U.S. Democratic primary, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris came across as two of the least confrontational candidates on China issues. Their administration, however, is offering not so much a break with Trump-era trade tensions, as continuity and escalation.

The case for vaccine mandates

In much of America, vaccine hesitancy has turned into vaccine defiance. Several states have banned or are considering banning demands by businesses that people show proof of vaccination. Tennessee — where only 38% of adults are fully inoculated and the COVID-19 caseload is growing fast — has gone so far as to cancel public schools’ efforts to encourage eligible children to get their shots (including flu shots). For good measure, the state has fired its medical director for vaccine programs.