A Supreme Court decision on religious teachers must be read narrowly

In ruling 7 to 2 that two teachers at Catholic schools couldn’t challenge their dismissals under civil rights laws, the Supreme Court on Wednesday rightly focused on the fact the teachers were “entrusted with the responsibility of instructing students in the faith.” Thus they were covered by a “ministerial exception” to civil rights laws announced by the court in a 2012 case involving a teacher at a Lutheran school.

The Supreme Court stands up against Trump’s brazen claims of immunity

No, the U.S. Supreme Court did not hand out copies of Donald Trump’s still-secret tax returns, but seven of the jurists (including the “two great justices” he appointed) ruled that no one is above the law and a Manhattan grand jury can subpoena Trump’s financial records from his accountant and bank. Even the two dissents rejected Trump’s phony claim of total presidential exemption.

Trump shuts out foreign students forced into online-only classes

President Donald Trump may rant and rail about trade deficits in a global economy that he says rips America off, but one market the U.S. has cornered for decades, to the broader benefit of us all, is higher education. The world’s students — Asia’s especially — flock to our undergraduate and graduate schools in numbers unrivaled by any other nation, often paying top-dollar tuition to study here.