Elon Musk can’t avoid paying Twitter’s rent forever

The weird merry-go-round involving Twitter’s unpaid bills shows no sign of slowing. On this whirl, it is KKR suing the social media company for failing to pay rent on office space in Oakland, California. Already in arrears in Boston, San Francisco and London, the beleaguered bird is now facing a demand for $1.3 million due to the alleged breach of contract.

Defeated Netanyahu should drop his judicial power grab

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has discovered that there are limits to brute force politicking as he steps back from his ill-advised judicial control legislation as his party’s approval ratings crater and Israelis take to the streets. Or rather, this should be his takeaway, even if he is foolishly planning to regroup and resume the push after a month-long holiday break.

Bills intended to shame and scare transgender students are despicable

Republican lawmakers across the nation have introduced more than 400 bills to restrict the rights of LGBTQ people in the current legislative cycle, according to Human Rights Watch. One of them is Assembly Bill 1314, an odious proposal by California Assemblymembers Bill Essayli, R-Corona, and James Gallagher, R-Yuba City, to compel teachers, counselors and other school staff to notify parents if their kid is transgender.

Biden’s approval of an Alaska oil project merits left’s complaints of hypocrisy

President Joe Biden is trying to pull a fast one. His approval of the Willow oil drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope runs contrary to everything he has promised Americans — and the world — about protecting the environment, confronting climate change and reducing America’s dependence on fossil fuels. No matter how he rationalizes it, this is hypocrisy, and whether hypocrisy arises on the left or right, we have to call it out where we see it.

How big a deal is the banking mess?

I’m on vacation and trying to spend a few weeks not thinking about the usual stuff. But it turns out that I can’t stay completely out of the debate over the sudden wave of banking crises and their effect on the economic outlook.