The Trump EPA deals another blow to the environment

To help some of the country’s dirtiest electric-power plants save a little money, the Environmental Protection Agency is willing to imperil the lives and health of Americans who live downstream from them. A new rule that relaxes restrictions on ash pollution is the latest effort by President Donald Trump’s administration to sustain coal power in the face of crushing competition from renewables. And like the others, it’s sure to prove ineffective, wasteful and hugely damaging to the environment.

Rainy Side View: Of mice and osteoarthritis

An estimated 50 million Americans have osteoarthritis, and perhaps you, like me, are one of them. If not, be advised that your lifetime risk of getting it is 40%, so welcome to the club, maybe not now but in the future. I’m full of good cheer.

One learns from many sources

The mission statement of the University of Hawaii at Hilo begins with “‘A‘ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka halau ho‘okahi” (“One learns from many sources”).

Last chance to avoid a long recession

In sharp contrast to its impressive performance with the CARES Act, which was passed in less than two weeks, Congress’s attempt at a second major pandemic relief bill has been a rolling disaster for nearly two months. To prevent a lasting recession from taking hold, Congress needs to find a compromise.