America should share vaccine with the world

As more Americans roll up their sleeves for a potentially life-saving vaccination, we are called by moral imperative and social justice concern to reflect on the reality that countries without the Western world’s economic capital are being left behind.

Things to ponder before going to court

With Hawaii Island’s extensive rental housing market, many landlords and tenants in our community are facing a potentially difficult situation. When Gov. David Ige’s moratorium on residential evictions is eventually lifted, they might need help resolving any outstanding payments.

Mediation could help landlords, tenants

Hawaii’s low- and moderate-income residents have historically faced a number of barriers to accessing justice. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this concern even more as our community prepares to deal with a flood of landlord-tenant disputes over unpaid rent and other expenses, once the statewide moratorium on evictions is lifted.

Neglected US infrastructure: Pay now or pay (more) later

Unless you work in the construction trades or civil engineering or perhaps in local government, you probably don’t give much thought to how clean water got to your kitchen faucet, what happens after you flush or the design of that nearby highway overpass under construction.

Biden’s moves to curb gun violence should be just the start

President Joe Biden announced a slate of actions Thursday aimed at fulfilling his campaign promise to combat the proliferation of firearms and gun violence that kill some 40,000 people a year in this country. But the moves, while necessary and welcome, also spotlight how few options a president has for addressing an issue that’s critical to public safety and public health.

The All-Star Game moves, and businesses confront the perils of politics

The new Georgia voting law, signed by Gov. Brian Kemp last month, has divided Georgians and other Americans along partisan lines, with Republicans hailing it as a victory for “election integrity” and Democrats condemning it as “voter suppression.” But the fight has expanded beyond the usual political actors. Major corporations that declined to get involved in the legislative battle now find that staying out of the fray may not be an option.

Data disaggregation shows startling health disparities among Asian Americans

With the recent rise in anti-Asian violence and the tragic shootings in Atlanta, there has been an increased focus on individual and institutional racism toward Asian Americans. Our experience as Asian American medical students has revealed another issue that has received little attention: Asian American health disparities are hardly covered in medical education.

Border crisis needs more than money

Faced with a burgeoning crisis at the southern border, President Joe Biden has pledged to increase economic assistance to countries in Central America’s Northern Triangle. He’s right to do so. But money alone won’t be enough.