Newsom’s pandemic response validated

Gov. Gavin Newsom faced a recall because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he survived the recall, in part, because of his pandemic response, including his support for masking and vaccine mandates. The validation from Californians should send a powerful message that voters want leaders who embrace science and are willing to impose public health measures to bring the pandemic to an end.

Climate change will force people to move. We need to find out where they’ll go

As the risk of severe climate change rises, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions ramp up, serious thought must also be given to the movement of people that climate change stands to provoke. This migration looks to be disruptive, but it may also significantly affect the long-term economic consequences of climate change — and not necessarily for the worse.

GOP a shell of its former self

In October 2003, I was working at the CBS affiliate in Bakersfield, California, helping produce our political coverage. It was an exciting time to be in both news and politics.

While nation sinks deeper into debt, the rich evade taxes

A new Treasury Department report finds that the United States is losing $163 billion per year because of tax evasion by the top 1% of earners. The story is mind-numbingly familiar: phenomenally rich people finding new and creative ways to boost their wealth even more by cheating the rest of the responsible, taxpaying public.

Shining a new light on solar energy

Climate change has become “everybody’s crisis,” President Joe Biden declared as he inspected Hurricane Ida damage last week. And in fact, according to a Washington Post analysis, just this summer nearly 1 out of 3 Americans experienced a weather disaster.

Rainy Side View: It is time to get tough on fakers

Here come Da Fakes! And I ain’t talking fake breasts, hair or eyelashes. Those always make me laugh, especially the enormous implants on women so top heavy that they’re on the verge of toppling over, hitting the ground boobs first. Or the rug on some bolo head that fools no one, not even if we call it a toupée. What about false eyelashes that look like there’s vana where eyes should be?

Mocking vaccine resisters not productive

You’ve likely seen the headlines about COVID-19 killing radio hosts and activists who opposed vaccines and masks. Several of those headlines were about Caleb Wallace, a Texan who helped organize a “freedom rally” this summer to protest mask-wearing. Some corners of the internet reacted with ridicule to news of his death last month, sparing no thought to Wallace’s grieving wife and daughters.

20 years later, remembering 9/11 and its lessons

Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most shocking days in U.S. history, the hijacking of four jetliners by 19 terrorists with the intent of crashing them into iconic American landmarks.

LA firefighters, police should support mandates

It does not bode well for Los Angeles or the end of the pandemic that so many city firefighters and police officers have refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and are opposing the city’s vaccine mandate for employees.

Trump tramples on his one virus victory

Then-President Donald Trump’s catastrophic mishandling of the pandemic last year has already secured his place among the worst presidents in America’s history. The one bright spot in the entire tragic debacle was his administration’s speed in developing vaccines against the coronavirus. Now, in a sorry postscript that severely undermines that achievement, Trump says he will likely refuse the recommended vaccine booster, with the bizarre claim that it’s some kind of for-profit scam.

Abortion rises as major election issue

After President Joe Biden’s tragic spectacle of administrative incompetence, pundits said Afghanistan was going to be the chief issue in the midterm elections. Then the Supreme Court showed up as justices refused to halt a Texas legal maneuver that could stop abortions in the state and later elsewhere despite Roe v. Wade permission. Progressive punishment awaits.

Conservative and Republican ideologies intersect less and less these days

English mathematician, logician and philosopher John Venn introduced the Venn diagram in the 1880s. A Venn diagram uses overlapping circles to illustrate the logical relationships between two or more sets of items. Often, Venn diagrams serve to highlight how the items are similar and different. They can also help us visualize things in new ways and afford us the opportunity to make fresh observations.