Immigration is the story of our families

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to restore protection to “Dreamers,” provide a pathway to citizenship for other immigrants, rescind his predecessor’s travel bans and allow in more refugees. It is a welcome break from the cruelty of his predecessor, who separated children from their parents and put them in cages.

Much to be grateful for

Thanksgiving will take on a much different look for most families this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Your (satirical) guide to a successful Zoom Thanksgiving

In ordinary years, I spend Thanksgiving week with my family in Minneapolis quietly judging them for things I don’t like about myself. This year, Dr. Anthony Fauci has urged all of us to skip the travel and in-person holiday altogether to keep it from becoming a super-spreader event. I haven’t revered someone who exclusively delivers bad news this much since my last therapist quit on me.

Heed CDC on holidays. Not the radiologist

In the three months since President Donald Trump made Dr. Scott Atlas — a radiologist, not an epidemiologist or specialist in infectious diseases — his favorite source of ideas for how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States has been racked with a record-setting third surge of virus cases, with record daily deaths expected in coming days.

Finding gratitude as we reimagine Thanksgiving

My younger sister, Amy, lives in California and we tend to see each other once a year, twice if we’re lucky. We both had babies about the same time, and our kids have become close, despite growing up 2,000 miles apart. Amy and I see how much the kids change in the time between our visits, and we always marvel at how well they’re able to reconnect when we get together — it always feels as if no time has passed at all.

Trump’s Afghan troop withdrawal puts Biden in a jam

As President Donald Trump tries to end America’s longest war, he has settled on a compromise. Instead of withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Christmas, as he boasted in a tweet in October, he will be leaving behind a small counterterrorism force.