God don’t like ugly

Was anyone else looking for a lightning bolt to shoot out of the sky when the blasphemer in chief waved the Holy Bible for a photo op in front of a Washington, D.C., church after using the military to disperse a crowd protesting the murder of George Floyd?

You’re either anti-racist or a menace to society. Which one are you?

If you have awakened from a comfortable sleep wondering how we as a nation got here, it is clearly time for deeper reflection. With the video documenting George Floyd’s death after more than eight minutes beneath a Minneapolis police officer’s knee, the veil has at least for now been lifted from the plague of police violence that too many Americans still deny.

Seventh-graders thank frontline workers

Editor’s note: Seventh-graders at Hilo Intermediate School wanted to publicly thank essential workers on the Big Island and beyond. These are some of the students’ open letters to essential workers. The newspaper will publish more of them next Wednesday.

Internet disconnect: Pandemic amplifies broadband access limits

Working from home and online learning have become the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shuttered offices and schools. What has also become clear, unfortunately, is that millions of Americans are at an extreme disadvantage caused by limited internet access in their communities.