Trump’s challenge is to prevent a war

For 16 months, President Donald Trump has pursued a policy toward Iran known as “maximum pressure,” beginning with the United States’ withdrawal from the nuclear accord secured by President Barack Obama under which Iran stopped advancing its nuclear weapons program.

Immigration is a climate issue

As climate change increasingly becomes a major issue in the Democratic presidential primary, more candidates are releasing detailed plans to deal with the crisis.

A distraction, not an answer, on guns

Unwilling or unable to displease the NRA by supporting commonsense legislation to combat the frequency and ferocity of mass shootings, President Trump imagines that a mental health-related study might do the trick. This is yet another move to avoid acknowledging the actual problem of too-much easy access to too many military style firearms, another dodge by an administration that instead should heed the call by Walmart and 150 other big American businesses for beefed-up background checks and other sensible responses to our ever-rising national body count.

So much for Trump’s ‘team of rivals’

It wasn’t news that President Donald Trump and his now former national security adviser John R. Bolton often disagreed. The difference of opinion now extends to whether Trump accepted Bolton’s offer to resign (Bolton’s story) or Trump “asked John for his resignation” (as Trump tweeted).

Trump decides not to do something stupid on taxes

You’d think as a baseline, we would expect the president of the United States not to do clearly stupid things. And yet when President Donald Trump decides not to follow atrocious advice from Senate Republicans and refrains from doing something fiscally reckless and divisive, I feel like tweeting a big “Job well done!” gif to @realDonaldTrump. I guess you celebrate whatever wins you can get.