Deep breaths, Democrats: There’s time to pick a strong challenger to Trump

With last week’s narrow New Hampshire victory, Bernie Sanders has pulled off the rare feat of notching popular vote wins in the first two nominating contests — a one-two punch that would traditionally make him the clear front-runner. Such a prospect rightly has significant parts of the Democratic Party worried that a self-avowed socialist atop the ticket spells doom in November.

Irwin: Welcoming the world to Hilo

Next weekend, Feb. 21 and 22, the University of Hawaii at Hilo will once again host International Nights at the Performing Arts Center on campus ( ).

Did the Justice Department cave to Trump in the Roger Stone case? We need to know

It isn’t yet clear whether improper political influence led the Justice Department to ask for a more lenient sentence for Roger Stone, a longtime confidant of President Trump, than the one originally proposed by federal prosecutors. But Trump’s outrageous comments about the original sentence recommendation — and his history of interfering in the administration of justice — require that the decision be investigated.

The trial is over. So is the Senate’s excuse for inaction on guns

Throughout the impeachment inquiry and trial of President Donald Trump, Republicans argued that the proceedings were interrupting legislative work. Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, who represents a southwestern part of Pennsylvania, said in December that instead of holding impeachment hearings, Congress should work to lower prescription drug prices. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), admonished Democrats for wasting an “entire calendar year.”

Trump’s wall a concrete crisis

Picture a cool running stream — a ribbon of life in southern Arizona’s rocky deserts. Now envision bulldozers stripping the surrounding land and erecting steel slats right across it.

The movie business goes global with Oscar wins for ‘Parasite’

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, criticized for a lack of diversity in Oscar nominations, helped change that narrative Sunday by celebrating the South Korean comedy-thriller “Parasite.” The film took home four awards, including best picture — a first for a non-English-language film.

Mitt Romney’s bold stand on principle earns him scorn as a GOP traitor

Americans witnessed a historic moment in national politics last Wednesday in the closing minutes of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. His acquittal was a foregone conclusion, not because Trump deserved it but because Senate Republicans refused to hear testimony and many had already made clear that no amount of proof of Trump’s abuses would convince them to exercise independent thought.

Rainy Side View: Less is more on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is looming again, and I bet many of us wish it would quietly pass without any fanfare, although candy and greeting card companies offering love tokens will loudly protest. Florists also look forward to Feb. 14, glad to be working overtime to create and deliver splashy bouquets.

In Trump’s imagination, respect and success abound. The reality suggests otherwise

President Donald Trump’s attempt at a State of the Union victory lap last Tuesday night deserved the silent reception it received from congressional Democrats along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s brash closing gesture of disapproval. No amount of excessively enthusiastic cheering from Republicans can hide the fact that Trump will forever stand impeached for his blatant abuse of office. Wednesday’s Senate vote to let him stay in office neither erases his crimes nor repairs the damage he inflicted.