Inflation is bad, but it could worsen if the US dollar weakens

The U.S. dollar is near its highest level in more than a decade. A strong U.S. dollar has many benefits to consumers. When traveling abroad, goods and services cost less in U.S. dollars, making foreign destinations attractive vacation options for many. Domestically, imported items also cost less in U.S. dollars, with some of these savings passed along to consumers.

Republicans’ silence on Trump’s anti-Constitution screed violates their oaths

Upon taking office, every member of Congress must swear an oath to “support and defend” the United States Constitution. America is currently watching most congressional Republicans — including Missouri Sens. Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley and the state’s entire GOP House delegation — violate that oath in real time. What else can be said of supposed political leaders who sit silently while their party’s standard-bearer and presidential front-runner publicly calls for the “termination” of the Constitution for the sake of his own power?

Schools are missing their chance to fight learning loss

Since the start of the pandemic, Congress has provided public school districts with $190 billion in relief funds, roughly triple what the federal government spends on K-12 education in a typical year. This infusion has handed schools an opportunity to start repairing the damage caused by remote learning. Far too many are in danger of squandering it.

The FTX saga is hard to understand, but the greed behind it isn’t

Back in 2001, precious few Americans could have explained what Houston-based Enron did as a company and how it got so spectacularly wealthy. But when it filed for a record-breaking bankruptcy, Americans got schooled fast about not putting their trust and money behind swaggering, fast-talking con artists. But fools and their money regrouped over the years, and along came FTX, a $32 billion cryptocurrency exchange that repeated many of Enron’s mistakes and yielded the same abysmal results. We suspect that a lot of investors who lost their shirts in the FTX failure would have trouble explaining exactly what FTX did, and that’s largely because the entire cryptocurrency industry is built on fantasy.

GOP plans payback of Trump probes by investigating Biden over trivial matters

The incoming Republican House majority is salivating to begin investigations against the Biden administration, with some in the caucus even talking about impeachment. In contrast to the numerous Democratic investigations and two impeachments against Donald Trump — which were legitimate responses to a uniquely unfit president who routinely spurned the rule of law — the GOP’s current plans are little more than tit-for-tat politics. They should keep in mind how obvious that will be to a nation that just denied their party the “red wave” everyone was expecting.

Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers and other Jan. 6 plotters must pay the price for their crimes

Here’s a stark way to restate why Donald Trump is unfit to lead the Republican Party, much less the nation: He promises “full pardons with an apology to many” of those who violently breached the Capitol to stop the peaceful transition of power to rightful victor Joe Biden. In stark contrast, the current administration’s Justice Department is holding the insurrectionists accountable.

Biden is making the student loan mess worse

President Joe Biden has often described his plan to cancel some federal student-loan debts as a “game changer.” In one sense, this policy has indeed proved transformative — by making a bad system worse.

Twitter, Trump and Musk help empower and legitimize modern-day brownshirts

There comes a time when the social media-consuming public needs to step back and ask whether their continued use of a particular service might be doing more harm than good. Elon Musk’s Twitter might have reached such a turning point in the public’s eye, just as Donald Trump’s recent dinner with two well-known antisemites is causing longtime Trump supporters in the Republican Party to reach their breaking point.