Biden’s speech on voting rights was a sermon, not a battle plan

In his speech about voting rights on Tuesday, President Joe Biden told the audience at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia that he wasn’t “preaching to you.” But that was false humility. Biden’s speech was very much a sermon, and an effective one, about the importance of defeating an assault on democracy.

Climate crisis worse for Latinos

The warnings from Pachamama, the Mother Earth goddess of Incan mythology, about our abusing the only habitable planet we know are growing in intensity. The conditions for a new record season of heatwaves and wildfires keep piling up, and we, as Latinx people, must take special precautions to confront the upcoming weeks and months.

Here comes another dubious COVID cure

Better drugs to treat COVID-19 look more appealing than ever. The hope that vaccines would send the virus into retreat with herd immunity is fading as the more transmissible delta variant sweeps across the globe, cases rise, and the vaccine-hesitant millions dig in.

Selling condo site shouldn’t mean no memorial

We have just entered the third week since the horrific collapse of Champlain Towers South in Surfside, such a short amount of time, it seems, to start putting a price tag on the property where the building once stood.

The US military needs a lot more recruits

The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan signals the end of a war that involved close to 800,000 American service members. Defending against new threats will require the U.S. to replenish its all-volunteer force with fresh recruits — a task made harder by the dwindling number of Americans willing and able to serve.

3 ways Florida can better protect condo towers

Rescuers are continuing the search at the Champlain Towers South, and it may take months to determine what toppled the 12-story condominium last month north of Miami Beach. But the tragedy has already exposed gaps in the way Florida manages high-rise buildings. That’s an invitation to another disaster in a condo-haven like Florida, where tall towers line the beaches, and where the impacts of climate change pose growing risks to lives and property, especially along the coast.

Yes, get a vaccine

It’s seldom that conservatives get me frowning as much as regressive progressives do, but quite a few are arguing that people should not take coronavirus vaccines if they don’t want to, and the frown is forming permanent wrinkles.

Trumpification complete: The mess in Ohio is a terrible sign for America

After losing the presidency and the Senate thanks to Donald Trump’s disastrous management of COVID, Republicans look determined to try to ascend again in Washington by parroting his stolen election lies. If you can’t snap out of a slumber, it seems, the second best thing is to dive back into the delusions of your dream.

The hidden homeless

At an outdoor eatery near the Wisconsin state capitol in Madison, I witnessed a woman, whom I suspect lacked a place to live, respectfully ask diners for money. A few wordlessly complied, handing her a couple bucks. I was disturbed by this scene, as were others at nearby tables. My guess is that we were disturbed for different reasons.

Acasio: It’s time for a moratorium

Whether we call it corporate responsibility or just being a good neighbor, those who derive profits from Hawaii’s natural and human resources have a moral duty to care for both. Some think this duty can be met simply by providing jobs, but a business model that delivers paychecks to some and sidewalks to others is neither responsible nor neighborly. Increased risk of homelessness is a form of collateral damage that cannot be ignored.