In post-census fight for seats, both parties play the dirty gerrymandering game

The post-census redistricting process now underway around the country presents an important test for centrists to either live up to fundamental ideals such as fairness and choosing what’s best for the country, or go for the jugular the way the extremists in both parties do. Nice folks who play by the rules tend to finish last in politics, especially when it comes to the kinds of gerrymandering designed to determine election outcomes favorable to the dominant party in power.

Reproductive health care is a human right

As a sociologist who has researched reproduction and reproductive technologies for the last 12 years, I’ve learned that individuals are only one part of the equation. The choices people make are never removed from public policy or the resources — or lack thereof — made available by state and federal government.

From COVID to climate change, we have no idea what we’re talking about

While it is nonsensical to try to prescribe a diagnosis to America’s current state of civic discourse — from dumping manure on the White House lawn in the name of climate action to attending the Met Gala to demand we “tax the rich” — we often blame partisan politics. But what if part of the problem is that we literally cannot understand one another? And, perhaps worse than that, the institutions we trust to lead the public have stopped trying to communicate to be understood.

Give DeJoy a chance to reform the postal system

If you mailed a letter across Dallas on Friday, it might not have reached its destination until Wednesday. That’s because, as of Oct. 1, the U.S. Postal Service has implemented changes that will slow down the mail. While we’re not thrilled about delays, we welcome this news as evidence of reform at an agency that badly needs to adjust to the current economy.

Biden’s lurch left hurting America

Upon his election, President Joe Biden stood before the cameras and promised the American people a time of healing and unity, a renewed order where everyone’s voice deserved to be heard, not trampled and insulted.

Looking for fiscal responsibility? Ask a Democrat

I think I am living in an alternate reality. How is it that one of the most outspoken, principled, fiscally conservative members of Congress is a Democrat? I might as well be writing that up is down, and black is white. Or perhaps more appropriately, that red is blue.

Former Congressman’s death shows how far GOP has sunk

Former Congressman Todd Akin, the Missouri Republican who died late Sunday, sparked one of the biggest political firestorms in the country during the 2012 election year, when he claimed that “legitimate rape” doesn’t cause pregnancy — thus implying that women who seek abortions claiming to have been impregnated by rape are lying. That medically absurd claim sunk Akin’s U.S. Senate candidacy.

Schools should teach about slavery

The 1619 Project, critical race theory and other approaches to confronting the history and legacy of slavery in schools are in danger of being derailed by a culture war-fueled right-wing grievance industry.