The dangers of political tribalism

I have a tricky relationship with my in-laws. We get along just fine, but we disagree on politics. They are Republicans; I am a Democrat. They voted for Trump; I voted for Hillary.

You try writing a speech for Trump

In Washington, the National Mall has gone quiet. The Blue Angels have flown back to base, the Abrams tanks have been returned to Ft. Stewart, in Georgia, and President Trump’s July 4 speech has been debunked by fact-checkers and panned by Russian state-run TV. The memes it inspired might prove more enduring than the speech itself.

Cruelty to migrant children shouldn’t be a partisan issue

WASHINGTON — Children detained in overcrowded cells for weeks. Children sleeping on concrete floors because there aren’t enough mattresses. Children in filthy clothes with no showers, soap or toothbrushes. Children as young as 8 put in charge of infants because there’s no one to take care of them.

British diplomat gets run over by the Brexit bus

A few days ago, the U.K.’s former spy chief warned his country is going through a political nervous breakdown. The leak of confidential memos by Britain’s ambassador to Washington about Donald Trump’s administration only seems to make that official.

America is more than ‘just OK’

It seems an inevitability that every year around the Fourth of July, certain media will publish a series of articles reminding people how unremarkable it is to live in America.

How can presidential candidates be so silly?

WASHINGTON — If California Sen. Kamala Harris is elected president in 2020 and reelected in 2024, by the time she leaves office 114 months from now she might have a coherent answer to the question of whether Americans should be forbidden to have what 217 million of them currently have: private health insurance. Her 22 weeks of contradictory statements, and her Trumpian meretriciousness about her contradictions, reveal a frivolity about upending health care’s complex 18% of America’s economy. And her bumblings illustrate how many of the Democratic presidential aspirants, snug in their intellectual silos, have lost — if they ever had — an aptitude for talking like, and to, normal Americans.