Memorial Day complicated for transgender vet

When she was a child, Veronika Fimbres recalls observing Memorial Day with reverence, flags and parades. She was filled with pride and gratitude to honor those who lost their lives during times of war.

A billionaire’s generous graduation gift should get us all thinking about student debt

As commencement speeches go, this one was definitely not a snoozer. Billionaire investor Robert F. Smith told the Morehouse College graduating class of 396 seniors _ to their total surprise _ that he and his family would wipe out their student debt. The graduates of the all-male historically black college in Atlanta took a minute to process the announcement of that extraordinary gift before bursting into cheers on Sunday. And beyond the Morehouse campus, whose heart didn’t leap a little at the news of a commencement speech that sent off graduating seniors not just with the standard inspirational words about being your best self (or whatever), but with the peace of mind of knowing that they will start the rest of their lives free of student debt?

A hug is not a #MeToo moment

My old friend Clarinda signs her emails “Hugs, Cl,” which I think is a warm and friendly way of closing a letter to people we especially like — good friends, specific co-workers, special neighbors — people with whom we have a positive and informal relationship.

Flying Spot with luggage can be deadly

It’s being called a miracle: All 143 humans on board a military-chartered plane that crash-landed, skidding off the runway and into the St. Johns River in Florida, survived. That is miraculous, indeed, but not everyone on the flight made it off alive.