Don’t undermine protection for birds

Acentury ago, bird feathers were all the rage in fashion. Hats and other adornments used feathers of all sorts. In London, snowy egret feathers brought twice the price, by weight, of gold. Hunters nearly wiped out this bird to meet the millinery demand.

The White House shouldn’t get a blank check to wage war

For close to two decades, U.S. presidents have sent American troops into combat without requesting authorization from Congress. As it conducts a review of U.S. military operations around the world, the Biden administration should push to restore the legislative branch’s proper role in deciding when and where the country goes to war.

Why independent bookstores matter

In 2021, the pandemic-riddled Age of Online Shopping, with an Amazon delivery truck creeping down every street, lane and avenue in America, why do we need independent bookstores?

We need an Operation Warp Speed for the world

A scramble for COVID-19 vaccines has broken out among some of the world’s wealthiest nations. This is understandable — but too narrow a focus on their own needs is shortsighted as well as ethically wrong. Letting the pandemic rage on in poorer parts of the world will imperil their own efforts to end the emergency. Self-interest aligns with what should be a moral imperative. Increasing the supply of vaccines for everybody needs to be given a much higher priority.

Greens who object to geoengineering put planet at risk

Apocalyptic warnings about climate change — such as the U.S. Geological Survey-Cornell-University of Arizona report in 2014 that the American Southwest faced a significant risk of a 35-year “megadrought” — grow more plausible and terrifying each year as new global temperature records are set and massive wildfires come to seem normal.

Biden’s economy will depend on school reopenings

Democrats believe, correctly, that a strong recovery this year is crucial to both President Joe Biden’s economic agenda and his political prospects. That’s one reason they’re trying to push the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan through Congress so quickly.

Tech must choose sides in Apple-Facebook privacy fight

The lines have been drawn. Tech leaders no longer can sit on the sidelines, pretending they have no leadership role to play on the tech issue of our times: privacy and the consequences of nonstop exploitation of users for financial gain.

The long arm of repressive regimes

Saudi dissident and journalist Jamal Khashoggi fled the repression of his country to come to America. But even becoming a U.S. resident didn’t keep him safe. Not when the Saudi government, disregarding borders, law and human life, kidnapped and killed Khashoggi in an Istanbul consulate.

Immigration reform shouldn’t ignore enforcement

President Joe Biden’s early efforts on immigration have focused on quickly mending the damage done by his predecessor. Quite right. President Donald Trump was especially active, and especially foolish, on immigration, so there’s plenty to undo. But Biden is also looking farther ahead, and he’s proposed a comprehensive immigration reform that’s meant to resolve the issue for the foreseeable future. This part of his thinking is harder to endorse.

Ending drilling on federal land isn’t going to stop oil consumption

Most Americans, in fact nearly all Americans, get around using vehicles that use gasoline. And nearly all of our goods are delivered in trucks that use diesel. If there’s no fuel, those vehicles don’t magically start running on water or banana peels or old gym socks or any other substance, natural or man-made.

Republicans should have sidelined Marjorie Taylor Greene

The House of Representatives voted last week to remove Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, a controversial and inflammatory Republican freshman, from her committee assignments. The vote was largely along party lines, although a handful of Republicans joined the Democratic majority. It’s an extreme measure, advocates of the move admit — but Taylor Greene, they insist, is an extreme case.

SEC: Look to yourself in GameStop event

Adeep breath, a long pause and a lot more information and consideration are needed before anyone settles firmly on a way forward from the GameStop buying/​selling spree that upended Wall Street and its usual power brokers.