Got student loan debt? Court ruling offers a lifeline

Consider: $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, millions of struggling borrowers, an out-of-touch federal regulator and assurances that there’s nothing to worry about. The echoes of the last decade’s mortgage crisis are unmistakable, and frightening.

Trump’s immigration policies have a clear set of victims: Children

After hearing complaints about squalid conditions and lengthy detentions of immigrant minors, U.S. District Court Judge Dolly M. Gee last week gave the federal government a July 12 deadline to work with a court-appointed mediator and the plaintiffs suing on behalf of the children to “file a joint status report regarding their mediation efforts and what has been done to address post haste the conditions.”

Taking back the flag this Fourth of July

During a recent trip to the craft store, I picked out a blanket printed with the Stars and Stripes — but not without hesitation. Does Americana-covered fleece lean Republican? I debated.

Let the Fourth be the only Fourth

If you watch TV, you might have seen the ads for ThunderShirt. It’s a sort of sweater designed to soothe frightened dogs and cats through “gentle, constant pressure.”

Travels with Daddy

WASHINGTON — “Surreal” was the word Ivanka Trump used to describe North Korea, which she briefly visited this past weekend with dear ol’ dad.

What the trade war with China means for your July 4th cookout

This week, let’s put down our midsummer cookout plates long enough to remember sacrifices made across generations to secure independence, peace and prosperity. We might also reflect on how British trade interference with goods such as stamps and tea helped spark the Fourth of July holiday.

Dems need a candidate kids’ table

It took Marianne Williamson wading into bizarre references about New Zealand, the moon and the power of love for me to realize something: The GOP made the right decision in their own overpopulated primary on the road to 2016. Not in whom they chose, of course, but in how they chose. The two nights of Democratic debates have offered insightful policy discussions, fierce sniping and funny mic gaffes. But they’ve also only made one thing clear: It’s time to separate the contenders from the pretenders; it’s time for the real candidates to share the stage, and for everyone else to be relegated to the kids’ table.