Bring back the child tax credit

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and increased inflation, 15% of households with children reported food insufficiency in March and April of this year. Food insufficiency — defined as when individuals sometimes or often do not have enough food to eat in the past week — poses short- and long-term moral and economic threats to the United States.

Western unity is more essential than ever

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine has made the West — in this context, NATO and the European Union — more united than it’s been in a long time. Unfortunately, that cohesion is now at risk, as the Russian invasion turns into a grinding war of attrition. To deter Putin from escalating and to keep him from winning, Western leaders must focus on the two weakest links in their alliance: Turkey and Hungary.

A real hope for changing the extremists

The recent mass shootings have terrified the nation. It’s not just the ferocity of the attacks. It’s the randomness of the victims, whether elementary school children or elderly women shopping at the neighborhood supermarket. People doing normal things, the things all of us do, find themselves attacked by a heavily armed man with a powerful, rapidly firing gun.

The UK’s Conservatives need to find a new leader

If ever there was a Pyrrhic victory, Boris Johnson’s win in last week’s no-confidence vote must qualify. Britain’s prime minister secured the majority he needed to hang on, if he decides to, but by the surprisingly narrow margin of 211 votes to 148. More than 40% of his own party in Parliament told him to go.

Latin American dictators get zero tolerance, but Biden gives the Saudis a pass

For the United States to have any hope of restoring itself as a global beacon of democracy, the Biden administration must take a firm and consistent stand when dealing with dictators. If other nations’ leaders can’t embrace the fundamentals of democracy, they don’t deserve to be welcomed on these shores. President Joe Biden faced some precarious choices this week in hosting the Summit of the Americas and scheduling a July trip to Saudi Arabia, a notorious human rights abuser.

Gen Z, millennials and Gen X all basically agree on work from home

During the early days of the pandemic, the narrative was that remote-working was a grind for younger workers stuck in cramped apartments and bliss for their seniors living it up in airy home offices. The juniors were missing out on in-person learning, while their superiors were more focused on how to spend the savings from fewer train tickets.

Overturning Roe will deepen medical mistrust

A lack of trust toward medical organizations, or “medical mistrust,” is a barrier to safe and timely health care, especially for Black, Latinx and immigrant patients. It can result in missed appointments and delayed procedures, which in turn lead to higher risks of adverse health incidents and potential death.

As a Los Angeles teacher, I want you to know what a school lockdown feels like

Two days after the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, we had a 15-minute lockdown at the Los Angeles high school where I’m a teacher. A lockdown is when schoolchildren, their teachers and administrators have a dangerous threat at or near the school site. We close and lock all of our doors to the beautiful spring day outside and the jacaranda tree blooming purple; we shut our window blinds to the birds of paradise; we turn off the lights; we are quiet.

Rays made the right call on controversial LGBTQ uniform logos

When is advocacy not really advocacy? When someone is forced to support a cause they would otherwise not support. With that in mind, the Tampa Bay Rays made the right call in allowing players to decide for themselves whether to display LGBTQ+ logos and colors on their uniforms for recent Pride Night celebrations.

Don’t go to Saudi Arabia, President Biden

Last week’s news that the European Union has reached an agreement to sharply curtail the purchase of Russian oil is a welcome development that signals the continent is not only united against the genocidal attack on Ukraine but that its political leaders are prepared to make hard choices in response.

Musk, Mars and the modern economy

Elon Musk is clearly having a moment; he’s trying to back out of his deal to buy Twitter, but he probably can’t without paying billions in damages. Perhaps that’s why he’s thinking about zooming off to Mars?

Republicans finally weighed in on climate change last week. It wasn’t pretty

The U.S. lost massive ground in combating climate change during the Trump administration, a recent report says. Now, congressional Republicans are offering their own climate plan — which doesn’t actually do anything new — while slamming President Joe Biden for climate shortfalls GOP opposition caused. When are Republicans going to understand that climate change isn’t a political football to be played with, but a genuine global crisis? The Environmental Performance Index, from Yale and Columbia universities, periodically charts the progress of nations around the world in the common goal of reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The latest report scored 180 countries on a range of environmental criteria. It found that in the first half of Donald Trump’s presidency, between 2017 and 2019 (the latest period for which there is complete data), America plunged from 15th in the world to 101st in terms of climate-related action.