Trump is weak, but the GOP is weaker

After their party’s disappointing performance in the midterms, Republican elites seem to have decided that Donald Trump is their big problem. The Murdoch media empire has been trashing the former president. Many donors and operatives are reportedly rallying around Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. But Trump, who is widely expected to announce his 2024 presidential campaign Tuesday, won’t go quietly.

Why the inflation rate isn’t as bad as you think

Inflation is a hot-button issue, and its political fallout can be huge. Some think that the hyperinflation during Germany’s Weimar Republic in the 1920s — when, at a trillion to the dollar, the German mark literally was not worth the paper it was printed on — contributed to the rise of Adolf Hitler. Current U.S. inflation is not remotely comparable, but pollsters say it helped to sway voters in the midterm elections in favor of the Republicans.

World Cup host has a lot at stake

Playing host nation to a World Cup is a highly coveted accolade; for all and sundry who make up the citizenry, this means nation building, infrastructure, job creation, renewed patriotism and lasting change long after the closing ceremonies.

Slaying the inflation dragon

Elections are rarely about only one issue, but there’s no question that economic worries motivated voters this year. Polls, both before the election and exit polling, showed that inflation was their No. 1 concern.

Greener pastures north: Canada welcomes immigrants, to our economic detriment

Since the War of 1812 ended, we’ve had a friendly rivalry with our northern neighbors. We gave them McDonald’s, Walmart, baseball, football and basketball; they gave us the Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds), Paw Patrol and ice hockey. All in good fun — yet sometimes our frozen friends really hit us where it hurts, and in the past few years that’s meant attracting and absorbing loads of immigrant talent that couldn’t find a place here.

Extend child tax credit now

Lobbyists are lining up to push Congress to approve more corporate tax breaks before Jan. 1, including extending deductions for research and development. Supporters argue that U.S. businesses need such incentives to keep the nation competitive in the world economy.

Rishi Sunak needs to reset Britain’s approach to Europe

Rishi Sunak won the race to become Britain’s new prime minister by promising to fix his predecessor’s fiscal errors and unify his party. Oddly, he wasn’t asked to say much about Brexit — which has hobbled the country for the past six years and remains the government’s biggest challenge. Addressing it will make cleaning up the budgetary mess look easy.

Rainy Side View: The return of Ironman

It’s been a month since Kona Ironman ended but it’ll be back. Money talks. And perhaps you’re as glad as I am that the triathlon takes place on the sunny and not the rainy side of the island, although it would be fun to watch athletes in their skivvies slipping and sliding all over Hilo’s slushy streets.

Federal Reserve is right to suggest slowing rate hikes

Economies are not known for being simple things to untangle. Unlike in the physical sciences, where if you do enough calculations, you can shoot a projectile into an asteroid moving at an incredible speed 7 million miles away, the so-called laws of money deal with the hazier and less predictable forces of group psychology and consumption.

Election deniers may end democracy

The serious registered voter is approaching Nov. 8’s midterm election by studying issues, candidate credentials and party platforms. A clear-headed voter will vote for the best qualified candidate regardless of their political party affiliation.