Volcano Watch: A legendary part of the Wailuku River is again revealed

The “Hawaiian Sup‘pa Man,” demi-god Maui, had several adventures on the Wailuku River in the legendary past. He rescued his mother, Hina, who lived in the cave behind Waianuenue (Rainbow Falls), from Kuna, a threatening mo‘o (legendary giant lizard), eventually killing him and leaving his body as a small island in the pool fronting Hina’s cave.

Let’s Talk Food: Cooking with children

One of my passions is teaching children how to cook. I used to teach cooking after school at E.B. DeSilva Elementary School, at the summer school program at Hawaii Community College as well as cooking classes at our certified kitchen. I try to involve my grandson Quentin when I cook, whether it is a simple chore like cutting green beans, or cracking eggs for me. He helped to plant the beans, then even helped pick them, until his dad noticed that the plant got pulled out of the soil. Quentin used a butter knife to cut the green beans, careful to tuck his fingers under so he won’t cut them. When we cooked them, he ate them enthusiastically, knowing that he grew those beans.

Volcano Watch: Electronic “doctor” tracks health of monitoring stations

As part of Volcano Awareness Month earlier this year, Volcano Watch featured five articles focused on different roles at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. These articles described the roles of geodesist, Scientist-in-Charge, gas geochemist, seismologist and geologist. This month, we continue that series, focusing on the role of technician.

Let’s Talk Food: Using local products

During these times, I hope we are buying more local products. The CSA produce boxes support local farmers, and when we have a box full of fresh, wonderful produce, we will certainly find ways to make a great meal.

Let’s Talk Food: What chefs cook at home

Thomas Keller, one of the world’s most admired chefs who owns The French Laundry in Yountville, Calif.; Bouchon in Northern California, Las Vegas and New York; Per Se in Manhattan, N.Y.; and Ad Hoc in Napa Valley, Calif., had to close his restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.