Tropical Gardening: June is blooming great in Britain

Great Britain, United Kingdom, British Isles or whatever name you wish to call this place, it has many areas ideal for growing roses. We are visiting Kew Gardens and there are spectacular displays of roses here and in many privates gardens as well. In Hawaii, growing roses is always a challenge. Roses are cool climate plants that do best at elevations of 1,000 feet or more. At lower elevations, insects and disease problems are aggravated. At best, roses require specific care or they will not do well.

Let’s Talk Food: Chili crisp

Some foodies say that chili crisp may replace sriracha as the next condiment as it is more complex. Chili crisp incorporates aromatics and other ingredients that are fried until they are crunchy.

Let’s Talk Food: Recipes from HIAC Cookbook

Many nonprofit organizations need to constantly have fundraisers to continue their programs. One such is the Hawaii Adult Day Care Center, which started in 1976 with a dozen frail elderly adults gathered at Kaumana Baptist Church. Their sons and daughters needed to have them watched over while they were at work.

Tropical Gardening: Many plants from the Southern Hemisphere thrive in Hawaii

It seems bizarre that many plants from some of the most ancient geological regions of the world readily adapt to Hawaii’s young volcanic soils. Some in Hawaii are from Australia and ancient islands like Madagascar and New Caledonia. When it comes to strange animals and plants, Australia is in the lead for its share of the unusual to unique. This ancient mini continent has mammals that lay eggs to the marsupials that carry their premature babies in pouches. Recent fires put many in the animal kingdom at risk and the plant kingdom as well. Some Australian ecosystems will be altered for centuries and some may never recover.

Volcano Watch: Explosive eruptions from Halemaʻumaʻu in 1924

May 2023 marks the 99th anniversary of a sequence of explosive eruptions from Kilauea’s summit that occurred over 16 days from May 11–27, 1924. During this eruption, about 60 explosions occurred from Halema‘uma‘u with fragments ranging from volcanic ash to large blocks the size of cars falling around the summit caldera.

NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week

Social media users shared a range of false claims this week. Here are the facts: Top universities in North Carolina aren’t providing medical interventions to toddlers with gender dysphoria, as some posts suggest. Congressman George Santos was indicted on federal charges but no mugshot has been released, contrary to an image circulating online. CNN’s town hall with former President Donald Trump ran longer than planned; it wasn’t cut short. Chelsea Clinton didn’t say the U.S. should “force-jab every unvaccinated child,” as a false headline posits.

Tropical Gardening: Living plants and flowers make great Mother’s Day gifts

Every day is Mother’s Day but officially this year, May 14th is Mother’s Day If you forgot any of those favorite women in your life, you are in real trouble! Trying to wrack your brains for just the right last minute gift can be frustrating. Now let us consider some last minute gift ideas. This weekend is a great time to visit garden shops and nurseries to take care of those last minute gifts. Plants make the perfect gifts for those special friends and relatives.

Let’s Talk Food: Napa, or Chinese Cabbage

Napa, or Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa var. Pekinensis, is also called Chinese white cabbage, celery cabbage, or Peking cabbage. “Napa” comes from the Japanese word for “leaves,” but in Japan it is called “hakusai.”

Volcano Watch: Today’s family of 5 USGS volcano observatories began with HVO over 111 years ago

HVO staff has grown from one geologist, Thomas A. Jaggar, in 1912 to more than 30 people today. This team includes scientists and specialists in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, field engineering and telemetry, information technology, administration, public communications and more. Hundreds of volunteers, students, and visiting scientists — many from the University of Hawaii — have also provided valuable assistance to HVO through the years.

Give living gifts to celebrate May Day and beyond

Mark your calendar and don’t miss the Kona Orchid Society Orchid Show and Plant Sale Saturday, May 13 at the Old Kona Airport from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Of course there will be orchids but there will also be air plants, Proteas, cactus, fruit trees, water plants as well as herb and vegetable plants. There will also be jams, jewelry, pots and folks to answer your plant questions.

Tropical Gardening: Earth Day weekend follows Polynesian culture celebration

In Hawaii, Earth Day is every day! This year is an amazing one with Easter, Earth Day, the Merry Monarch Festival and the Hawaii Chocolate Festival all happening at this time. What they have in common is that they all relate to the rebirth, renaissance and the evolution of life and culture. Our Hawaiian gardens also represent the continuing influence of many diverse cultures creating a new experience. The earliest gardens were composed of plants Polynesians brought with them from Asia, the vast Pacific and even South America. It is theorized that the first people may have come from Africa to Taiwan and between, thousands of years ago. This mix of ethnicities is extremely complicated and continues to this day as we share our islands.