Let’s Talk Food: Monosodium glutamate and other myths

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) was discovered by Kikunae Ikeda, a Japanese chemist, in 1907 by extracting it from seaweed and calling it “ajinomoto,” which means “tasty base.” The flavors of the food with MSG explode on your tongue to make dishes taste even better.

Tropical Gardening: Fall colors abound even in the tropics

Some folks now living in Hawaii miss the four seasons of more temperate regions. Here we have rainy and dry seasons. This is somewhat confusing since West Hawaii is beginning its dry season as East Hawaii is beginning its rainy season! Whether rainy or dry, fall is now and we do have fall colors if we look for them.

Crack team of geologists measure the Koa‘e fault system

The Koa‘e fault system connects Kilauea’s East and Southwest rift zones south of the caldera. Faults here appear as low cliffs, or “scarps,” along Hilina Pali Road in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. These fault-cliffs slip during major earthquakes, such as those of May 4, 2018 — near the beginning of Kilauea’s 2018 eruption.

Keiki Heroes empowers Hawaii’s children to stay healthy

Community First is a Hawaii Island based nonprofit founded in 2014 by Barry Taniguchi. We serve as a neutral forum for the community to come together to find solutions to improve health and lower medical costs based on the community good. We believe health care is caring for health and not just treating disease, and caring for health is “All Our Kuleana.”

Let’s Talk Food: National Noodle Day is today

Today is National Noodle Day, and Marugame Udon, based out of Tokyo, with a location in Honolulu, is offering customers to bring in their receipts for a free Kake Udon with a purchase during a future visit from Oct. 7-21. Marugame Udon also has locations in California and Texas.

Tropical Gardening: Create fall gardening color with flowering annuals

Sorry, it looks like no trip this year to enjoy the fall colors of mainland landscapes. The East Coast, especially New England, is famous for the brilliant riot of forests trees getting prepared for winter’s dormant season. Even deciduous trees of the Western United States are beginning to brighten landscapes as days grow shorter.