Let’s Talk Food: Miso soup

Thank you, CF Crivellone, an islander who is currently living on the mainland, for the nice email asking about miso soup. She has some white miso and would like to be able to make a good bowl of miso soup, like the ones served in many Japanese restaurants.

Tropical Gardening: Have we met our match with COVID-19?

We humans have considered ourselves at the top of the food chain above all the plants, fish, birds and mammals. But the real top of the food chain is actually the bacteria, virus and fungi that feed upon us! Coronavirus is just the most recent example of how nature may work to put us in our place so to speak. Great civilizations have disappeared due to plagues and pestilences in the past and We can learn these lessons as we tend our gardens.

Let’s Talk Food: Coronavirus is affecting us all

Never in my lifetime has something brought us to our knees as the coronavirus has. We are weary of going out shopping, even to the grocery store. But being cautious at this time is important so we do not spread the virus.

Tropical Gardening: Vines add to Hawaii’s tropical ambiance

Good fences make good neighbors goes the old saying, and maybe in the old days it was the case. Stone walls are traditional and impressive, but expensive. Today, we have so many choices that an unattractive fence might create all kinds of neighbor problems depending on type of material used.

Volcano Watch: HVO’s geological sample collections are an important resource

In the past, HVO would occasionally post images of people collecting lava samples on our website. These photos usually featured a person (with little-exposed skin) holding a rock hammer, with a metal bucket nearby. The bucket contained water to “quench” the sample, solidifying the hot lava into a cold glass. Natural-fiber or heat-resistant gloves, and sometimes a face mask, protected the sample collector from heat radiating off the 1150-degrees-Celsius (2,100-degrees-Fahrenheit) lava. The hammer was used to scoop some of the molten material into the bucket, which would hiss and steam in reaction; more water would be added to cool down the sample so it could be placed in a cloth bag.

Coronavirus gathering bans raise religious freedom questions

NEW YORK — On the first Sunday after the coronavirus began upending American life, some religious institutions – including two churches whose pastors are close to President Donald Trump – conducted in-person services amid public health worries about the pandemic. That picture already looks different this week.

Let’s Talk Food: Today is St. Patrick’s Day

Today, March 17, is a religious celebration of St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. He was kidnapped at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave. March 17 is actually the anniversary of his death. St. Patrick is celebrated for establishing monasteries, churches and schools.

Tropical Gardening: Ring in spring with flowering bulbs

Spring officially occurs when the sun reaches the Equator as it appears to move northward. Of course what is actually happening is that the earth is tilting toward the South Pole and will continue to do so until June 21. Then it is officially Summer. Since we are roughly at latitude 19 degrees north, the sun will appear to move northward for a short time and then move toward the south until December 21. Many plants respond to day length including plants that form bulbs.

Calendar for March 14

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Let’s Talk Food: Three chefs visit HCC

Thanks to the Hawaii Culinary Foundation, Chef Chad Yamamoto, presently the executive chef at Merriman’s in Waimea and formerly the Chef de Cuisine for Ulu at the Four Seasons, Hualalai; Nuri Piccio, sushi chef at Ulu at the Four seasons, Hualalai; and Sean Franco also of the Four Seasons, recently worked with the students at Hawaii Community College’s Culinary Arts program.

Calendar for March 7

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