Tropical Gardening: What would Hawaii be without coconut palms?

When the first Polynesians arrived in these Islands, there were very few plants available as a food supply. Fortunately, they brought a great variety with them that we refer to as canoe plants. These included, banana, sugar cane, breadfruit, mountain apple taro, coconut and scores of others. They also brought pigs, jungle fowl and rats that changed our forests forever. At first, Hawaiians had to survive on food from the sea, seabirds, flightless birds like the Nene and others that soon became extinct. Once they established their gardens, life likely became much easier.

Tropical Gardening: Dangerous diseases and pests pose potential hazards to travelers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, folks worldwide, and Hawaii as well, have fantasized about travel to all kinds of exotic places. It is forecast that the travel industry will soon be booming. However, some caution should be considered. Hawaii is a great choice for most mainlanders, but what about residents of Hawaii that have dreams of Machu Pichu, Tahiti or Southeast Asia?

Let’s Talk Food: Chicken lettuce wraps

With the warmer evenings, lettuce wraps could be a great, refreshing meal, or even served as an appetizer. For me, that would certainly be enough for a meal, especially in the evening as I do not want to go to bed full.

Volcano Watch: Pau or Paused? What’s the difference?

The Halema‘uma‘u lava lake celebrated its 5-month anniversary by doing what we all like to do on our special day, taking a break. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park suggested that Kilauea’s summit eruption was getting ready for a “luana iki” or little rest, a more poetic way of describing a pause in eruptive activity.

Volcano Watch: New research sheds light on recent Pahala earthquake swarms

Many people in Ka‘u have noticed the swarm of earthquakes taking place during the past few years. These earthquakes are happening in a zone that is 29-40 km (18-25 miles) beneath Pahala and extends south about 10 km (6 miles) offshore. Some of the largest earthquakes from this region have been felt throughout the Island of Hawaii.