Volcano Watch: Now is an exciting time at Kilauea

This is, without a doubt, the most intellectually exciting time to be a volcanologist at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. The current inactivity at Kīlauea has so many possible outcomes that it is a real challenge to figure out what might happen next. And intellectual challenges are stimulating and exciting.

Tropical Gardening: Give living gifts for Christmas

It is just three weeks until Christmas and the days will actually be getting longer by the time we open presents. As the days lengthen, our garden plants begin to swell with the anticipation of spring. Even in Hawaii where winters are mild, we feel the pulse of new life.

Holiday in Berlin, Zappa style!

When the University of Hawaii at Hilo Jazz Orchestra Zappa 6: Holiday in Berlin show hits the stage Dec. 5 and 6, there is a goal beyond just the performance itself — getting the band to Germany in July.