In CDC’s backyard, school reopening debate divides experts

Just down the road from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a community flush with resident health professionals, the Decatur, Ga., school system had no shortage of expert input on whether to resume in-person classes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Kahilu Theatre announces new director

The board of directors of the Kahilu Theatre Foundation recently announced the appointment of Sara Nealy as executive director of Kahilu Theatre in Waimea following a nationwide search.

Volcano Watch: A closer look at Kilauea’s newest lava

Every rock on Earth is made of up a unique combination of chemical elements, and lavas/tephra formed during Hawaiian eruptions are no exception. What is the geochemistry of Kilauea’s newest tephra — and how can it help us understand the processes driving the ongoing eruption?

Tropical Gardening: Spectacular ferns for an air garden

Hawaii gardens have long been famous for their vast array of orchids. We commonly see epiphytic types growing on hapuu, tree branches and even rocky, soilless areas. But in the past decade, other airplants such as bromeliads have become popular because of their colorful foliage and flowers.

Volcano Watch: Gas math — how we know how much sulfur dioxide volcanoes emit

Volcanic gases are an important part of eruptions — they help magma to rise within the earth and erupt, they can tell us how much lava is being erupted, and the volcanic air pollution (vog) they cause can be a hazard. So it is important for the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory to measure how much of what kind of gas is being emitted by our volcanoes.

Tropical Gardening: Global warming means palms in surprising places

Avisit to Hawaii is the treat of a lifetime to millions of people a year, and many folks who come are friends or relatives of those of us who live here. One of the highlights for them is to experience the lush tropical gardens and forests that are unlike any place in the continental United States. Many folks who enjoy gardening go home wishing they lived in a tropical place where they could have yards and homes filled with palms and other exotics. Visitors don’t have to be discouraged. With a little help from Kamaaina gardeners, they too can have a piece of paradise back home.

Laupahoehoe school receives grant to feed kids during the COVID-19 pandemic

Laupahoehoe Community Public Charter School recently received a $20,000 grant from No Kid Hungry to supplement its food service during the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to this generous gift, each week students can reserve a “meal kit” that contains a nutritious breakfast and lunch for the days they are doing distance learning at home.