Volcano Watch: What does water in Halema‘uma‘u mean?

The slowly deepening pond of water on the floor of Halema‘uma‘u, the first in recorded history, has captured the interest of media and the public, locally and nationally. Many questions are being asked. The two most frequent are where is the water coming from and what is its importance.


Members of the Hindu Brahmin community perform rituals Thursday in the River Ganges in Prayagraj, India. Brahmins, or Hindu upper castes, believe performing rituals on this day will wash away their sins.

Let’s Talk Food: Raising nenue

My hanai brother, Syd Kraul, grew nenue fish from eggs that he got from the brood stock at Kampachi Worldwide Holdings, also known as Kampachi Farms, in two holding tanks at OTEC in Kailua-Kona. Most fishermen think of this fish as a “rubbish” fish as it eats limu and often tastes like grass or, interestingly, can be described as “fishy.” When gutted, the gut smells pretty bad, as it lives off a diet of limu and sand.

Volcano Watch: Water or no water? That is — or was — the question

USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientists usually base their research on observations, either visual or instrumental. Interpretations come from these observations, so they must be as good as possible. Incorrect observations can lead, and have led, to erroneous interpretations.

Czech stud farm makes UNESCO’s World Heritage list

KLADRUBY NAD LABEM, Czech Republic — A Czech stud farm founded 440 years ago to breed and train ceremonial horses to serve at the Habsburg emperor’s court was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list, acknowledging the significance of a tradition that survived for centuries.

Immigrants taking sanctuary in churches hit with huge fines

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Devotional candles to St. Jude, the Holy Trinity and the Virgin of Guadalupe sit on a bookshelf by the door of a classroom in a United Methodist church. A sewing machine is a few feet away between a bed and a set of wicker furniture. In a corner, an electric skillet warming chicken thighs acts as a kitchen.

Tropical Gardening: South America calls with tropical fruits

Last year’s International Palm Conference in Colombia was amazing, so Voltiare Moise and I decided to go back and see what we can learn about tropical fruits of the Caribbean coast of the South American nation. We also plan to travel via New York City to experience the Caribbean influence on this culturally diverse mega city.

Volcano Watch: Mauna Loa’s 1935 lava flow seen in current media coverage of Maunakea

In ongoing media coverage of demonstrations at the base of the Maunakea Access Road, many hundreds of people can be seen standing on a black lava flow that surrounds the Puʻuhuluhulu Native Tree Sanctuary adjacent to Daniel K. Inouye Highway. That same lava flow continues on the other side of the highway, which traverses the saddle between Mauna Loa and Maunakea.