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New TMT poll needed

While I appreciated your discussion of the recent poll regarding building the Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea, is there anything new?


As a former scientist and educator, I strongly support construction of the new telescope for all the obvious reasons that have been expressed and debated over the last five years.

I think now we need a new poll, namely to determine whether people support the continued presence of the protesters or whether they would like to get things back to normal so they could enjoy the beauty of the ‘aina without illegally parked cars, decrepit tarps and porta-potties?

Clearly, the politicians now are sympathetic with the current state, though perhaps Mayor Harry Kim may ultimately get the mauna back to normal. But I just wonder what percentage of the Big Island population is really sympathetic with the cause enough to support the continuation of the obstructions, whether or not they support TMT construction?

Michael Perdue


Share Maunakea

Recently I left messages for Gov. David Ige and Mayor Harry Kim asking if this TMT issue can be resolved by referendum so the Hawaii electorate can vote on it.

I also mentioned that iconic Mt. Fuji in Japan has always been considered a very sacred mountain to the Japanese populace. While hikers use most of the five trails to the summit, some ride horses. There’s a weather-monitoring station; small buildings to accommodate overnight hikers; devout pilgrims on their annual treks; convenience store(s) with food, hiking gear, souvenirs, etc.; and they are allowed and welcomed.

Beautiful and sacred Mt. Fuji is shared with the world. I wish the same for our Maunakea.

Gladys Sonomura


‘Oppressed and dominated’

My position on the TMT weighs on the side of the Native Hawaiian people that firmly believe in and are defending their ancient cultural practices and ceremonies.

For 200 years the kanaka maoli have been oppressed and dominated by Western thinking and institutional influences that directly conflict with traditional Hawaiian ways. A great wrong has been committed to the culture, and now it’s payback time.

There is a new awaking taking place in Hawaii that ultimately will go beyond the TMT. The TMT is only the latest attempt to steal more land, but it strikes at the heart of why many Hawaiians and supporters on the mainland and all over the world are speaking out and rising up.

In the islands, this is especially true among our kupuna who are saying enough has been taken. They will not allow any further desecration of the sacred ‘aina. They will not allow their land to be stolen. This is Hawaiian land, not for sale, and so it will always be.

While practicing Kapu Aloha, Native Hawaiians are standing tall in protecting their sacred mountain, holding firm and stating their demands clearly. This is regardless of the court’s rulings, powerful vested interests and big outside investments.

Western systems do not apply here. A clear line has been drawn, and it’s for the TMT not to be built on sacred Maunakea. The kanaka maoli have made it perfectly clear they will not be moved. We must respect their just position.

I am an outsider who has read Hawaiian history. Anyone who has studied Hawaii’s tragic legacy needs to ensure that we do not repeat past mistakes.

Andrea Tischler


Air drop?

Don’t be surprised if one day the TMT employees bypass the blocked road by using helicopters to get dropped off at Halepohaku, along with other supplies, then get trucked to the top of Maunakea to do their work. I believe that there are existing vehicles already up there.

Rick LaMontagne


Trust science

What is Mr. Michael Quay thinking when he states, (Your Views, Aug. 6), “When Jesus comes back, he will straighten it all out.” Why does he think that a mythical figure can do anything that we mortals can’t (regarding the TMT)?

If he or anyone else believes that Jesus is real, all they have to do is offer proof. But the burden of proof rests on the person who states that it is true.

If I claim that there is a giant fish in Hilo Bay, the proof rest on me to validate the premise. Not those who find fault with my (il)logical assumption.

Isn’t about time that we gave up all wishful thinking that some magical individual will come and save mankind? It’s the same sort of nonsense that can be applied to all Biblical stories. Even those stories that are based on fiction, like Hawaiian mythology.

As for me — I’ll trust science, not some out-of-this-world religious thinking.

Michael L. Last



The July 28 edition of the Tribune-Herald contained a touching and heartwarming article written by Hokunani Sanchez, “Astronomy for the future.”

With all of the controversy flying back and forth regarding the building of the TMT telescope on Maunakea, this young lady has the answer for everyone — be it Gov. David Ige, Mayor Harry Kim, those in favor, as well as those opposed.

After reading her article, you will absolutely learn how astronomy, as well as Canada-France-Hawaii and Keck, were able to direct the life of this young lady far beyond her dreams and opened doors she never imagined were even there!

We think the most important assets the TMT telescope offers the world is the astronomy benefits, but there are job opportunities starting with 10 years of construction. Then, of course, going forward there would be various positions that would become available in the field of astronomy and other jobs that would be required by TMT to run their facilities.

Hawaii Island has not always been swamped with jobs offered our islanders. But TMT has opened a door of opportunities for all of us and our ohana. So why then are we closing that door and having our people go without opportunities that would be so advantageous to all of us?

Hokunani Sanchez is one young lady that was served well by her teacher who had faith in her and the astronomy field which has opened doors she never even dreamed of. She is now able to attend college and will one day become a teacher so she can teach keiki to always show aloha and never stop wondering and learning about the beautiful universe we live in.

Congratulations Hokunani and may all your dreams take you far! And mahalo for writing to tell us about your successful journey with the stars.

My only hope is that many more local children, including my grandchildren, will have the opportunities you have had. Thanks to TMT, I know they will! Build TMT!


Sally Bowman


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