Vaccine access: Think of others

The profit motive has been a catalyst to great improvements in the world, with many believing it to be a main driver of innovation and development. In fact, it is a foundational principle of economist Adam Smith’s metaphorical concept of the “invisible hand,” which postulates that profit seekers are beneficial to society in general.

A year after Wuhan lockdown, a world still deep in crisis

Nearly a year to the day after the Chinese city of Wuhan went into lockdown to contain a virus that had already escaped, President Joe Biden began putting into effect a new war plan for fighting the outbreak in the U.S., Germany topped 50,000 deaths, and Britain closed in on 100,000.

Health experts blame rapid expansion for vaccine shortages

Public health experts on Thursday blamed COVID-19 vaccine shortages throughout the U.S. in part on the Trump administration’s push to get states to vastly expand their vaccination drives to reach the nation’s estimated 54 million people age 65 and older.

Preliminary hearing set for Hilo burglary suspect

A 34-year-old Hilo man facing numerous burglary and theft charges is accused of stealing groundskeeping tools valued at almost $6,000 from a storage room at Wong Stadium as well as more than $20,000 worth of items from lockers at a nearby commercial self-storage facility, according to court documents filed by police.