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Betrayed by cowards

I am not prone to hyperbole. I try to keep things on an intellectual, logical, data-driven level. I’m a retired, multi-degreed (advanced STEM) scientist and software developer. My career is over.


I have nothing against the secessionists on the mauna. I went up there. I was treated kindly. I think they are harmless, self-destructive fools, but what I think does not matter.

This sort of thing happens. History is littered with it like cigarette butts. Historical forces people cannot control and do not understand cause them to organize and lash out. You cannot outlaw this. In the past, it ended very, very badly for people such as those on the mauna. But that was in the past.

As for now, the government of Hawaii is the most craven, cowardly, treasonous, double-dealing, lying, worthless (expletive deleted) in American history. Shameful does not even begin to describe the last 30 days.

Congratulations, Gov. David Ige, Lt. Gov. Josh Green and Mayor Harry Kim. You made the history books. You should be dragged out of your offices and into U.S. Marine helicopters to be shipped to Guantanamo and tried for high treason for facilitating secession. This, after a Civil War over secession that killed almost a million Americans in 1861-65.

As for the secessionists, a real government can deal with them compassionately, but firmly, so they may resume their lives productively as U.S. citizens. They did not take an oath of office. They did not swear on their honor to serve and defend the U.S. Constitution.

Those who did, and betrayed it, are beneath contempt and should be removed from office.

Imua TMT.

Imua Hawaii.

Imua USA!

Aloha. The kind that does not block roads into the sky.

John Powers


Lipstick on a pig

Regarding the albizia problem: Senate Bill 464 empowers concerned property owners to take action against adjacent properties infested with albizia trees — only after attempting to contact the absent property owners, two times, to address concerns of potential property and infrastructure damage from falling trees.

This is yet another example of the state Legislature’s inability or unwillingness to address the very real problem of how the albizia infestation problem must be addressed.

To place the burden of identifying a recognized public safety hazard on the potential victims of that hazard — huge trees falling on homes, knocking down power lines, blocking roads and streets, perhaps hitting people (!), and exacting huge costs and tragedies — and expecting us to bear the costs of ameliorating the hazards posed by these trees is insulting.

It is yet another public safety problem relegated to ineffectual bureaucracy in the face of impending tragedy.

Why can’t the absent property owners be held responsible and taxpayer funded hazard assessments be possible? Sounds like too much like the right thing to do.


Michael Grigsby

Hawaiian Paradise Park

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