Your Views for August 3

Cats’ owner sought

We, on the west side of the island, are so blessed, yet we complain about the vog and the lack of a new road in a timely manor. It is overwhelming to think of what the people of Puna are going through. And, please, save me your platitudes about how they “chose to live there” and they “wanted cheap land,” etc.


These people have lost everything: homes, businesses, pets, livelihoods.

Two cats were rescued from the Hawaii Island Humane Society in Keaau. They are now at my house waiting to be reunited with their family or blessed by a new family. Both are micro-chipped. They came from Arnold, Md., in April 2013 to Leilani Estates with their owner, Christine “Chrissie” Parks Deremer.

Unfortunately, a current phone number is not available for Chrissie, and despite fliers and numerous phone calls to animal rescue groups, we have been unable to find Chrissie.

Please, if anybody knows the whereabouts of this family, could you contact me at (808) 936-5387? These 9-year-old, well-loved cats, Sherbet and Twilight, would be so grateful for any help you can provide.

Gwyneth Wrixon


It’s about safety

To Mr. John Powers (“I smell a rat,” Tribune-Herald, Your Views, Aug. 1): Using rhetoric in your opinion about lava viewing is misguided.

One of the main reasons for the massive fine for “illegal lava viewing” is to keep bananas away from the lava, thereby alleviating the necessity of a rescue that endangers our county people.

Now, if you’re in the air, you would not be endangering our rescue workers. If the fine bothers you, don’t break the law. That in itself will keep you from paying those “draconian” fines. Sounds like you want an opportunity to make money from other people’s suffering.


Thomas Jelf