Your Views for August 5

Random act of kindness

Will all the negative news garnering attention in print and on the airwaves, when positive news occurs, it renews our faith in mankind. I’d like to share a random act of kindness that came to me recently.


Mahalo nui loa to the unknown young lady who paid for my groceries at the downtown KTA store Thursday afternoon on July 19 while I went to my car to retrieve my wallet, which I had forgotten to put in my purse.

When I returned, the clerk and cashier informed me of her action and pointed out the note she left on the receipt, which said, “God bless you.” May God bless her for her sweet gesture.

While waiting in line to pay for my groceries, I had let her go first because she only had two items to purchase. She left before I could thank her for paying $15.70.

Paying her kindness forward will be a joy for me. Thank you to those who practice the aloha spirit and the “golden rule” every day in many smiles, words and actions.

Dian Mahoney


Siding with Russia

President Trump hammered a nail in the coffin of the United States of America when he took the side of Russian President Vladimir Putin against the United States.

For a year and a half, the Republicans have had control of the House and Senate, the Judiciary, and the White House (executive branch). Again, the Republicans will do nothing to stop Trump’s reign of ruin for our country.

If we don’t want Putin to rule the United States, we must vote for Democrats to save our country.

S. Thorsen


‘False hope’

My parents had a small cottage in Kapoho Vacationland since the 1970s. It was insured by the same Lloyd’s of London underwriters, Monarch E&S, mentioned in the recent Tribune-Herald article.

After Pele took the cottage, we filed a claim and had the same adjusters at John Mullen &Co and Affirmative Risk Management. We found them all to be very responsive and helpful. We just received settlement checks for the full amount of our claim, minus the deductible.

The big difference, I’m guessing, is that our policy did cover loss due to “volcanic eruption.”

My heart goes out to everyone who lost so much to this eruption. However, you can’t retroactively wish coverage into existence that wasn’t spelled out in your policy. An ethical lawyer would explain this to his or her clients, rather than giving them false hope.


Steve Compton

Minneapolis, Minn.