Trump’s trolling vs. the ‘constitution of knowledge’

WASHINGTON — On the road again, and full of indignation about, or perhaps admiration for, what he called “made-up” and “fabricated” Democratic accusations during the recent judicial confirmation turmoil, America’s feral president swerved into a denunciation of a nonexistent bill — “It’s called ‘the open borders bill’” — that, he thundered, “every single Democrat” in the Senate “signed up for.”

UN’s dire climate warnings should be met with serious action

This week’s frightening United Nations’ global warming report depicts a world unable to combat climate change unless it takes “unprecedented” action. It warns that the Earth’s temperature could rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century.

Nikki Haley’s comet has a long tale

WASHINGTON — Seated next to President Donald Trump in the Oval Office Tuesday, Nikki Haley did not look like a woman who tortured herself about whether to resign as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

Policy change paints US as hard-hearted

Sometimes a seemingly small change has large negative consequences. And so it is with a revision to American policy that the Trump administration is implementing at the United Nations.