Amendment will hurt local families

In this year’s general election on Nov. 6, Hawaii voters will be asked to decide on a proposed constitutional amendment that would give the Legislature the authority to create one of the largest tax increases in Hawaii’s history.

Kavanaugh fight about whether society will tolerate assault

When hotlines and help lines that provide support for victims of rape and sexual assault were flooded with an unprecedented volume of calls last week, it wasn’t because women throughout the nation wanted to promote liberal political agendas or ruin men’s lives.

Radiation? Chemicals? No big deal, says the Trump administration.

This news makes me feel warm all over. Indeed, I am positively glowing. New regulations floated by the Environmental Protection Agency are set to increase Americans’ exposure to radiation — because, according to scientific theory now in favor with the Trump administration, radiation is not bad for us. It may even be healthy!

By not being a team player, Flake served the nation

WASHINGTON — Preferring verbal felicity to practical wisdom, a character in a Benjamin Disraeli novel quipped, “A majority is always the best repartee.” Not really. Open societies that want to remain so should prefer persuasion to raw power, even the power of majorities. Which is why Republican Sen. Jeff Flake served the nation, its highest tribunal, constitutional morality and even his ungrateful party by not being a team player.

Why the extent of Kavanaugh’s youthful drinking matters

In categorically denying that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford more than 30 years ago, Brett Kavanaugh not only outrageously attacked his accusers as part of a vast left-wing conspiracy bent on avenging the Clintons.

Probes of destruction

WASHINGTON — As we continue examining Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s high school and college life, it has been easy to forget what this was originally all about.