Let’s Talk Food: Rice bowls

When you think of a rice bowl, or your complete meal all in one bowl, we in Hawaii immediately think about a loco moco or bibimbap. But that concept we grew up with is now a fad on the mainland and is a hot “new” thing!

Let’s Talk Food: More about eggs

I wrote about eggs in my column last week. There is so much information about the humble egg, and will continue with more about eggs, including poaching an egg and other recipes.

Let’s Talk Food: What makes a good Bloody Mary?

Every once in a while, especially when on vacation, I like a good Bloody Mary or sometimes a virgin one. Unfortunately, it is oftentimes at an airport restaurant, and most of the time is not the best. But I enjoy eating the celery stick and green olives, along with drinking my vegetables.

Let’s Talk Food: Pine nuts — a gourmet nut

Pine nuts have been such a staple ingredient in Italian cuisine since the days of ancient Rome. Roman soldiers ate them as they marched into battle. At Pompeii, archaeologists found pine nuts in the volcanic ash.

Let’s Talk Food: A foodie in Seattle

What do you do when you have a day in Seattle before flying to Vancouver to take a cruise to Alaska? You enjoy what Seattle has to offer — salmon and other wonderful seafood. That’s what you do!

Let’s Talk Food: Raising nenue

My hanai brother, Syd Kraul, grew nenue fish from eggs that he got from the brood stock at Kampachi Worldwide Holdings, also known as Kampachi Farms, in two holding tanks at OTEC in Kailua-Kona. Most fishermen think of this fish as a “rubbish” fish as it eats limu and often tastes like grass or, interestingly, can be described as “fishy.” When gutted, the gut smells pretty bad, as it lives off a diet of limu and sand.

Let’s Talk Food: Summer salads

The warm and oftentimes humid days of summer make great days for a nice chilled salad. Adding some protein such as steak or chicken can make it a main dish for lunch or dinner.