Let’s Talk Food: Raising nenue

My hanai brother, Syd Kraul, grew nenue fish from eggs that he got from the brood stock at Kampachi Worldwide Holdings, also known as Kampachi Farms, in two holding tanks at OTEC in Kailua-Kona. Most fishermen think of this fish as a “rubbish” fish as it eats limu and often tastes like grass or, interestingly, can be described as “fishy.” When gutted, the gut smells pretty bad, as it lives off a diet of limu and sand.

Let’s Talk Food: Summer salads

The warm and oftentimes humid days of summer make great days for a nice chilled salad. Adding some protein such as steak or chicken can make it a main dish for lunch or dinner.

Let’s Talk Food: Fad diets

I know some people who went on the latest fad diet and lost weight. Are you thinking about going on one because your friend lost 10 pounds on one? Here are some interesting pros and cons before you get started.

Let’s Talk Food: Instant ramen noodles

When we were in college, instant ramen was often a meal. It was cheap and easy to make — just boil some water, add the dried noodles, then the flavor packet and you had a meal.

Let’s Talk Food: Tilapia farming at UH-Hilo

We had a great opportunity to visit the aquaculture laboratory at the University of Hawaii at Hilo facility in Panaewa and met up with Adrian Barnes, the technician in charge of raising tilapia there.

Let’s Talk Food: Thursday is Valentine’s Day

Thursday is Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day to show your loved one how much you care for them and also ranks as one of the busiest nights for restaurants. So if you did not yet make reservations, maybe you could fix a nice dinner at home.