Puna couple launches venture aimed at promoting food security

Kelsey Walling/Tribune-Herald At the Hydroponic Hut in Ainaloa, Allen Blackard explains how the mist table works to get produce to grow.

Kelsey Walling/Tribune-Herald Earlier this month at the Hydroponic Hut in Ainaloa, Allyson Blackard talks with Kathy Weber about starting her own hydroponics garden.

Kelsey Walling/Tribune-Herald Allen and Allyson Blackard pose for a photo earlier this month in their Hydroponic Hut in Ainaloa. The Blackards started the Hydroponic Hut to offer low-price, locally grown produce to residents and teach them how to start their own hydroponics gardens to promote security.

Puna residents Allyson and Allen Blackard are tackling food insecurity through hydroponics, an education program and a weekly “you pick” farm.