Let’s Talk Food: Miso soup

Thank you, CF Crivellone, an islander who is currently living on the mainland, for the nice email asking about miso soup. She has some white miso and would like to be able to make a good bowl of miso soup, like the ones served in many Japanese restaurants.

Tropical Gardening: Have we met our match with COVID-19?

We humans have considered ourselves at the top of the food chain above all the plants, fish, birds and mammals. But the real top of the food chain is actually the bacteria, virus and fungi that feed upon us! Coronavirus is just the most recent example of how nature may work to put us in our place so to speak. Great civilizations have disappeared due to plagues and pestilences in the past and We can learn these lessons as we tend our gardens.

Hospital response and preparation for COVID-19

As the only acute hospital in the East Hawaii Region, we, along with our communities, are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19pandemic. I want to share with you what we are doing on the local level to prepare for this global emergency.

Testing continues as virus case count rises

A second pop-up drive-through testing clinic for COVID-19 was set up at the Old Kona Airport Park on Saturday as the state’s number of presumptive or positive cases reached 151.