Board of Education chair replaced in shake-up by Gov. Green

Gov. Josh Green on Friday surprised many education observers with the announcement that he is replacing Bruce Voss as chair of the state Board of Education with business leader Warren Haruki.

Voss told the Honolulu Star-­Advertiser on Friday that he will resign from the board effective June 30, contrary to a news release from Green’s office that said Voss “will continue to serve as an at-large member.”


Voss’ board term was supposed to run until June 30, 2025. He said he will step down to allow the governor to choose another board member.

Voss, who has served on the state school board for seven years and as chair for one, declined to comment about the changes but said he is proud of the board’s work during his tenure. The lawyer and former news reporter has been known for his efforts to balance support for state Department of Education leaders while stressing accountability.

He recently led the board through a nearly yearlong process of devising a six-year strategic plan and implementation strategy for Hawaii’s public school system.

“With the help of the board members and the public, we have put the schools and the students on the right path, and I am proud of that, and I’m proud of the work that my fellow board members have done,” he said.

Haruki could not be reached immediately through the governor’s office.

Green named three interim appointees starting July 1 in his announcement. Along with Haruki, they are Kahele Dukelow, dean of arts and sciences at the University of Hawaii’s Maui College; and Shanty Asher of Honolulu, a current BOE member.

All are considered interim appointments until they are approved by the state Senate at its next session in 2024. Haruki and Dukelow will succeed board members Lynn Fallin (at-large) and Kili Namau‘u (Maui County), whose terms end June 30.