Volcano Watch: April is Tsunami Awareness Month in Hawaii

USGS photo A M 7.7 earthquake on Nov. 29, 1975, was located beneath the south flank of Kilauea. Along the south coast of Kilauea at Halape, 30 km southwest of the earthquake, the ground subsided by as much as 3.5 m (11.5 ft), which left a grove of coconut palms standing in water about 1.2 m (4 ft) deep and the new shoreline about 100 to 150 m (110 to 164 yd) inland from its previous location. A tsunami swept ashore after the earthquake, killing two backcountry campers at Halape. The tsunamis swept other campers, debris from camping shelters, trees, rocks, and horses into the large, pre-existing crack visible to the left of the submerged trees. View is toward the northeast.

It’s official! Governor Green recently proclaimed that April is again Tsunami Awareness Month for the State of Hawaii. This is not to be confused with World Tsunami Awareness Day, which is Nov. 5.