Tropical Gardening: Trees need special love and attention

  • Photo courtesy of Voltaire Moise The famous Indian banyan at King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel is a landmark tree over 100 years old. With love and proper care it will be with us for many more decades.

Trees, shrubs and other vegetation are the lungs of the planet, so the more the better, especially in urban and suburban settings. Some of our ancient historical trees like the banyan at Kona’s King Kamehameha Beach Hotel get so big we tend to over prune them to keep them in scale. This amazing tree is the first thing visitors see as they enter by ship at Kailua Bay so it is important that the tree is properly maintained. The spectacular banyans that frame Banyan Drive in Hilo are another example of unique trees needing love and attention. The East Hawaii Outdoor Circle has been instrumental in protecting them.