Your Views for September 21

Makes no sense

So, you folks who don’t want to get the COVID-19 vaccine believe that you should have choice in whether or not you get vaccinated, and that the government cannot require you to get it. Is this correct?


Are you saying that since you don’t want the vaccine, you are choosing to get sick and maybe die?

Then, when you do get sick, and odds are that you will, do you expect the rest of us to pay your medical bills, in the form of higher insurance rates for us, or for the government (that you hate so much) to pay your bills? Please help us understand your thinking.

What does make sense is that if you don’t want the vaccine, you get to pay your own medical bills when you get sick. Right? And, oh, by the way, how many people around you will you give your virus to?

Sure, go ahead and give it to your unvaccinated friends and family, and let the rest of us pay their bills, too.

Do you really not care if you give it to your young grandkids, and how about your elderly parents? It doesn’t look like you care about any of the people in your life. Is this correct?

Do you still wonder why we vaccinated folks think you make no sense? Please explain this so the rest of us can understand, and please explain why almost everyone who is hospitalized has not been vaccinated.

How does this make sense?

Julie Goettsch


Vaccinations or shutdown?

After reading the article “Freedom Rally ….” (Tribune-Herald, Sept. 19), I have this to say to the anti-vaxxers: The only way to stop the pandemic is for enough people to vaccinate, or would you prefer another two- to three-week shutdown?

It may very well come to that.

Karen Cooper


When pigs fly

Three years after Pohoiki Road was closed by the eruption, it is still not opened. Beach Road was opened a couple months after the eruption, and then nothing.

Finally, Highway 132 was opened, and since we are naming the roundabout, we will just call Highway 132 the “Sanford Sand and Gravel Commemorative Road,” as he no longer has to drive his dump trucks up and down Kahakai.

So, now we get to Pohoiki Road — nothing!

The county has blamed FEMA for all the delays, but after talking to FEMA, they are waiting for documentation from the county. Swell!

The latest is phase 2, which is stopping progress. This phase is to bypass the mango trees. Nice, but who cares.

Will it make it easy for the fishermen to get there boats to the dock? Sure, but there is no dock.

Will there be a dock? Sure, when light rail goes in for Honolulu and pigs fly.

Three years, and they can’t put in 2½ miles of road. Can somebody tell me why?


Ian C. McArthur


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