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‘Talk about crazy’

The idea that getting vaccinated or masking against the COVID-19 virus is somehow a political issue of freedom of choice is nothing short of crazy.


No one has complete freedom of choice. You have to wear clothes in public. You have to get a license to drive a car or fly an airplane. Anyone who violates those common rules faces legal sanction.

So it shall become for COVID vaccinations and indoor masking if people continue not to use common sense and science education from middle school biology class and resist vaccination and masking.

Talk about crazy — look at Texas, where a virus has reproductive rights but women do not.

William Mautz


It’s not that difficult

Just what is wrong with the County Council?

They’re qualified to ask that the state Legislature propose that students must be taught about fiscal responsibility (Tribune-Herald, Sept. 8)?

Isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

When I examine how the state (and County Council) are always short of funds — and looking to the next higher level of lawmakers to alleviate the situation — I scratch my head and wonder where will the funds come from? Aha. The taxpayers, of course!

I own my home and pay no mortgage for that luxury. Also, when my credit card bills come due each month, I always pay the balance in full. This is what my parents taught me as I was growing up, not what was learned in school.

If I want something, I must first think of how I’ll pay for it. I use credit because of the benefit of not having to carry a lot of cash around, not to delay covering the expense for months on end, all the while paying interest for the purchase.

But if today’s parents have no idea about how to allocate the funds that they receive, then maybe, just maybe, their children do need to be advised as to how to manage funds.

If (Councilman Matt) Kaneali‘i-Kleinfelder is still learning how to write a check, what is he doing managing county funds?

Here’s a tip: On the top right of the check, write the date of the check. Then in the middle, next to “pay to the order of,” put the person or company that will receive the check, etc. Finally, don’t forget to sign your name.

That’s it. Not too difficult.

To have a county or state Legislature propose this to anyone is just idiotic!

Maybe I’m wrong. But I doubt it!


Michael L. Last


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