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Circus of clowns

The GOP used to be the party that protected America, not attack it.


The GOP used to take pride in defending the Constitution.

The GOP used to have intelligent, thoughtful people running it, instead of clowns reading Dr. Seuss and playing with Mr. Potato Head dolls.

The world is laughing at America, because they see America in decline. You do not stay a world leader when idiots are running the government.

When you look at Third World nations, the worst are run by amoral idiots. And look where it gets them. They end up suffering even more.

You don’t have to like the politician to appreciate what they do for America, you just need to look at the end result of their presidency with a clear mind and an honest heart.

You can hate President Clinton, but our budget was balanced, tens of millions of jobs were created, and we had a strong economy.

You can love President Bush, but tens of thousands of Americans died, the economy tanked, millions of jobs were lost, our deficit soared, and goodbye balanced budget.

You can hate President Obama, but he fixed everything Bush broke, and that is a fact, not a belief.

You can love President Trump, but he made Bush look like Einstein — look at the end result of his presidency.

Now you can hate President Biden, but things are definitely looking up.

We get it. You’re angry, but let’s start acting like America again, instead of a circus full of clowns.

Dennis Chaquette


Laws and democracy

In (a recent) edition of this paper, Mr. Michael Last asked why gambling and prostitution are illegal if they are consensual and involve no guns being pointed at anybody. Good question!

The answer is that the reason such things are immoral in this state is that the lawmakers, and by proxy the voters, actually do think that these practices are harmful (e.g., addiction and human trafficking).

In a democracy, the laws represent the majority but not often everyone. Back in Hawaiian history, Queen Lili‘uokulani wanted to make some forms of gambling legal, along with opium use, both to be heavily taxed.

When she was overthrown, there was no popular uprising to reinstate her. This is why: The people did not believe that she knew what was best for them and what would be harmful.

She also wanted to abolish the Constitution and the rights of the population thereunder, putting her back in the role of absolute monarch like the early Kamehameha I, but the people preferred democracy, and democracy gives us laws, Mr. Last. And our social contract makes following them a condition of residency, even for guests.

Does that answer your question?


Carl Oguss


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