Rotary clubs of Hilo donate school supplies to school in Micronesia

  • Courtesy of AKOYIKOYI ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Ankiambom Chia and an Akoyikoyi Elementary School student are pictured with the boxes of school supplies donated by Hilo Rotary clubs.

Manufactured goods such as school supplies are often imported into islands throughout Micronesia, and getting a diverse range of supplies can, at times, be difficult.

Supply chain disruptions felt around the world because of the pandemic likewise impacted islands in Micronesia, such as Weno in Chuuk State.


Two Rotary members, Tim Hansen of Rotary Club Hilo Bay and Charlene Iboshi of Rotary Club South Hilo, were in contact with teacher Ankiambom Chia, who instructs third- and seventh-grade at a charter school on Weno.

Inspired by her work with her students throughout the pandemic, Hansen reached out to members of his club who organized school supply boxes for students.

When the white and red flat rate boxes came in, students at Akoyikoyi Elementary School were excited to open all 23 of them full of school supplies. One donation included 50 calculators from an e-commerce store.

Schools shut down briefly in 2020 in Chuuk but were able to reopen rather quickly thanks in large part to a strict border closure throughout the islands.

The World Health Organization has reported zero cases and zero deaths throughout the islands since January 2020.


Students at Akoyikoyi Elementary attend school in person following health advisory precautions.

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