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Don’t hit keiki

Witnessing children being hit by their parents is worse than cringe-worthy. It calls for a reminder that hitting is not good for children and does not make them behave better in the long run.


Recently, I have seen a boy have his ear pulled by his mother at the beach, and another being hit by his father as they walked down the street.

I pulled over and spoke up, but was told to mind my own business. I felt that I was. I love children.

No doubt their energy and inexperience can be taxing. Choosing how to direct it is not easy, but there is one rule of engagement that seems to have become universally agreed upon by experts who study child development.

We could adopt this one rule and feel confident about at least one decision we make while raising a child: Don’t use physical forms of discipline with children.

Don’t like their actions? Ask them why they did it and hear them out, then ask for, or suggest, different choices.

It could save them jail time for assault and battery down the road. Isn’t that what physical punishment looks like?

Jo-Ann Garrigan


Mob rule?

I just want to thank the editor or whoever might be responsible for allowing comments and opinions to be expressed in the Tribune-Herald with limited censorship.

It is a rarity these days, as most mainstream media sources and social media sites are censoring anything that does not fit the “new narrative” of the socialist Democratic Party, silencing anything that goes against the opinion of a few high-powered corporate moguls who favor dictatorship over actual democracy, and most important is the silencing of those who hold evidence of the latest presidential election discrepancies.

Although mainstream media have consistently claimed there is “no evidence” involved, it does not allow for the narrative that all citizens who have evidence should be allowed to unequivocally pool this evidence to a neutral country, with even a remote chance that the sum of it might be vetted as a whole to see if we as a nation might have a problem with our current voting system, instead of portraying us a nation divided and being governed as a banana republic.

The whole idea our Founding Fathers established for this country — to have an electoral college and laws governing that all electoral procedures follow strict rules, regulations and laws to prevent mob rule — was tossed in 2020, and mob rule seemingly prevailed due to a corrupted system in a few bad states who ignored their own laws and used COVID-19 as an excuse to do so.

If this is the way the country will be governed from now on, we have not promoted democracy at all, but have given up our freedom for security, and deserve neither for doing so.

Now that we are more divided as a nation than even during the Civil War, it is bound to repeat itself — maybe not as violent as during those years where North was against South, but worse, as a neighbor is pitted against neighbor, and all it will take now is one good spark to set it all off.

I see this as very intentional, brought about by a foreign country that seeks world domination — and will have it, unless we start gathering in secret, in taverns, in churches, in private places outside the realm of prying eyes and ears — and is committed to increasing hate amongst us and destroying us from within.

All it ever takes is for good men to stand by and do nothing. And I see that more now than I have seen it in my lifetime.


Timothy R. Estabrook


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