Your Views for October 25

Trump and masks

Allen Russell (Your Views, Oct. 20) quite rightly complained about the raised middle fingers and apparently obscene flag directed at his group of President Trump supporters the other day.


Confronting political opinions does not require attacking the people who hold them. In fact, such an attack usually just cements those opinions.

But Mr. Russell might be better able to understand the hostility shown him on that occasion by considering the hate-filled slanders and insults continually spewed forth by the White House. Trump may or may not be the master deal maker he claims to be, but he certainly has mastered the art of the smear. It seems a little rich to demand that the norms of civil disagreement be observed by the other side when the leader of your side has thrown them out.

Still, we all live on this island, and there is always more to a person than their politics, and I feel a debt of gratitude to all those who are confronting the pandemic by wearing masks. I happen to be one of those whose age and medical problems make it highly probable that I would not survive a COVID-19 infection.

Thanks to you for all, whether you support Donald Trump or not, for what you are doing to avoid transmitting this horrible disease to me and everyone else.

Peter W. Black


Help for voters

The proposed charter amendments for Hawaii Island on this year’s election ballot require further explanation for voters.

I did some research and found clarification on the League of Women Voters of Hawaii County website.

Go to the Voter’s Information Bulletin to read the nonpartisan guide. Each amendment is explained, followed by its fiscal impact and pros and cons.

Gail Rahman


Solar is better

I hope this will help you realize once again that Honua Ola Bioenergy cannot be allowed to operate in Hawaii. It is already more expensive than solar, and legal documentation shows it is designed to go up in price. Solar is cheaper and will go down in price.

Furthermore, by burning wood, Honua Ola would emit hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into our air, and will pollute our land and water. This. Is. Demonstrated. Fact.

Carbon dioxide-caused climate change will destroy civilization on Earth. How many times must this be said before you will condemn it?

With our economy in the toilet, pardon my language, the last thing we need is to pay more for electricity. And to mainland millionaires?

I think not. We can build and use solar right here in Hawaii with local money providing local jobs.

But, hark, we hear about Honua Ola’s jobs. What about solar’s jobs? Do you really think they build and run themselves? Human beings have good clean jobs with solar — a lot more than at Honua Ola.

Thank you for letting me convince you to choose the only possible choice: solar.


Mark Koppel


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