Crack team of geologists measure the Koa‘e fault system

Courtesy of STEVE LUNDBLAD/University of Hawaii at Hilo University of Hawaii at Hilo geology majors measure vertical offset of Hilina Pali Road on Kulanaokuaiki Pali in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park shortly after the end of Kilauea’s 2018 eruption. Events in 2018 offset the road at this location by approximately 20 cm (8 in).

The Koa‘e fault system connects Kilauea’s East and Southwest rift zones south of the caldera. Faults here appear as low cliffs, or “scarps,” along Hilina Pali Road in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. These fault-cliffs slip during major earthquakes, such as those of May 4, 2018 — near the beginning of Kilauea’s 2018 eruption.