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‘Pot of confusion’

On Oct. 11, the Tribune-Herald posted a Commentary column from Scott Martelle of the LA Times (“Right-wing plot should worry us all) about a recent attempt to kidnap Michigan’s governor, Mrs. Gretchen Witmer, which was thwarted by the FBI.


Mr. Martelle pontificates throughout the early part of his article about the dangers of “these treacherous times” and then goes on to describe other actions of the past (recent and distant) of troubling events, all the while pointing in the direction of the right wing as being the common thread.

As it turns out, two of the men who tried this kidnapping were marching with Black Lives Matter, which most certainly is not right wing. As the article winds down, Mr. Martelle’s rhetoric dilutes to saying, “who knows” and “what ifs,” which in my book nullifies the entire claims of the forefront.

This all distills finally to being yet another example of “fake news” to keep the populace, who are not paying detailed attention, frightened, divided, angry, misguided or worse.

I say put the blame where it belongs, and quit reporting falsehoods that serve no purpose to reveal truth. I thought that is what journalists were supposed to do, not be a platform of their own ideology.

Wait till the truth is sussed before this constant stirring up a pot of confusion.

Mary K. Weber


Regarding the council

The County Council steps on the gas and it steps on the brake at the same time.

First, it gives money to its “food sustainability” cronies.

Now council members will give more of our money to Kamehameha Schools. Then the county will tear out 15 acres of Kamehameha Schools’ macadamia nut trees in Pahala.

So, what will Ka‘u people eat if the ships don’t come in? Cake?

Jerry Warren


Call it a lockdown

The unnecessary (a stoplight was all that was needed) and poorly designed roundabout (roundabouts on open highways are not safe) has now added a very costly, time-consuming, gasoline-wasting, dangerous lockdown for people living in lower Puna.

We have no way out other than this road, and now — because of slow-moving lines of traffic that are many miles long to get to town for necessities, medical appointments, emergencies, etc. — this is nothing short of a permanent lockdown to all Punatics!


Gerald Wright


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