Your Views for September 15

Broken process

The best way to describe the electoral process in this country is — I can’t use that kind of language here — but you should get the idea. The biggest problems I see are the Electoral College, campaign financing and exit polls.


The Electoral College is an anachronism that should have been deleted a long time ago. When you vote for president, it’s for a particular individual, but you are voting for a delegate who “pledged” to vote for the person for whom you voted.

Bigger money comes into the picture, and it’s entirely possible that the delegate you voted for could be convinced to vote for someone else. It has happened.

This is just one reason I consider political promises and pledges worth a square of used toilet paper. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m tired of candidates calling, emailing and writing begging for donations.

There should be a fund whereby all candidates for that seat are allocated the same amount and be judged on how well they spent, allocated and budgeted their resource. I consider this part of the job interview process. If they can stay in the competition, then they have a chance for the job. If not, like we said in the Navy, get out and get a real job.

And now, a real bone of contention!

The exit poll causes more voters to vote for someone they dislike, only because they are ahead. One of the lamest excuses I’ve ever heard: “I don’t want to waste my vote!” As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t vote your conscience, then you are wasting your vote.

I realize instant gratification isn’t soon enough, but we should be able to wait until the circus has closed before learning who won.

Dave Kisor


Surge in cases

In addition to the large gatherings, we also have visitors who are not quarantining.

I work in Pahoa. I get customers telling me about tour vans in Leilani and Pohoiki — tourists and returning residents right off the plane!

I had a lady shopping for gifts to take back to California. I asked how long she’d been here. She said two weeks, then told me all the things she’d done and seen in that time!

Another day, a friend told me he’d been chatting with a woman on a dating site. He asked how long she’d lived in Hawaii. She told him she was just visiting for a week, checking out our beaches!

I thought they weren’t allowed to rent cars. No surprise we have so many new cases!


Jennifer Tanner


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