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Too much intolerance

I moved to “the South” — north Florida — with my parents, when only 15.


Honestly, I had no idea there was so much hatred and racism in the United States.

It was the ’60s and there were still lynchings! My black coworker friends at the University of Florida hospital would tell me of all the slights and injustices they just had to put up with, daily, including in our very office, and how they had to warn their children to keep them safe.

I was unbelieving, having come from “the North,” until I really experienced it firsthand by having the audacity to be their white friend.

It was this kind of unique American hostility — “proud of it,” “stand your ground,” Rush Limbaugh hate-mongering narcissism — that I finally just had to get away from.

I left the United States when I was 21. I feel so fortunate to have lived most of my life away from all of that.

Foreign countries embraced and were kind to me — people of all colors, religions, customs and climes opened their doors and welcomed me in. I felt safe. I never looked back until now.

Hawaii, thank goodness, doesn’t have that same intolerance, lack of compassion or narcissism. There are a few ugly ideologues here and there, but unfortunately, this brand of cowardice, fear-mongering and lack of any real character or compassion seems to be contagious to some in the United States. But, mostly, Hawaii is like living in a foreign country, and I feel so blessed for that.

A big mahalo, Hawaii, for trying to keep us all safe!

Joan Hildal


Audit stonewalled

The citizens of Hawaii have got to be the stupidest people on the planet!

Maybe it’s the weather? Because the climate is so benign, citizens switch off their brains when entering!

The state auditor was stonewalled when investigating how COVID-19 contact-tracing funds were spent. Appointments cancelled. Interview requests ignored.

Operating procedures, documented protocols were nowhere to be found.

Millions of taxpayer dollars spent — with zero accountability.

Months and months of Hawaii politicians congratulating themselves on controlling COVID-19 by devastating the state’s economy with draconian measures on tourists.

And now? Some of the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the country.

While the stupidest people on the planet — Hawaii’s citizens — keep reelecting the same representatives.


Kenneth Beilstein


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