Your Views for June 26

‘Justice for all’

Yes, Black Lives Matter. But so do red, yellow, brown and whites lives, too.


Justice for all, and not just a selected group. All Lives Matter.

Rick LaMontagne


Protect monuments

It is so very troubling and aggravating to see so many historical monuments and statues being torn down all over the mainland. It’s in the news daily, it seems.

I guess it is part and parcel of why I moved here from the mainland several years ago.

The craziness of pointless rioting and looting and misguided protesting is beyond the pale now. I am very glad our president put an end to the madness and is making it a federal offense to deface our historical monuments.

If you think it’s all about tearing down former slave owners and people who were somehow connected to former slave owners by living on the same planet as said former slave owners, think again. The thoughtful and most gifted minds among us have taken down statues of Albert Pike, who was a slavery abolitionist, and even a statue of Abraham Lincoln was torn down.

The irony is so thick, like their heads. Talk about privilege cards being played. All at our expense. Wow.

People choose to see racism in everything and everyone, except when they look in a mirror. Special exemption for special people, I guess.

Many just want to make sure you know you’re racist, for whatever reasons, provable or not. Remember McCarthyism? I do.

Hurry up and Google it before it’s information some people would rather you not be privy to.

Allen Russell


Nix Roundup

I read in the June 25 Tribune-Herald that Monsanto (Bayer) settled its Roundup herbicide lawsuit by agreeing to pay out $10.9 billion.

GMO corn has been engineered to resist Roundup, so they can spray liberally without killing the corn. Then, we eat the corn with Roundup residue.

We haven’t proven yet that it causes cancer, but do you want to eat food with herbicide in it?

Why is Roundup still being sold? If we didn’t have Roundup, we wouldn’t need GMO corn or other similarly grown crops.


James D. Buck


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