Your Views for June 2

Message for grads

Congratulations, class of 2020. Welcome to the future.


As you step into a world in crisis, there are lessons to be learned every day. May you learn the right ones.

A valuable lesson for Hawaii has been putting into practice genuine aloha for oneself, for others and for the world around us. Aloha for oneself is being personally resilient, responsible and healthy in mind, body and spirit.

We are seeing this in the way everyone is taking their health more seriously, eating right and exercising more, individually and as families.

Aloha for others is to show care and compassion to those in need and being conscientious and thoughtful family, friends and neighbors. We have seen this in the way so many are volunteering at food drives, caring for our kupuna, donating to relief efforts and supporting local businesses.

Aloha for the world around us is to malama honua, to care for the Earth and its inhabitants with humility and respect for all life. This has been evident in the continued community efforts to clean beaches and parks even during the crisis.

With fewer visitors, we have seen a return to a simpler life, with less crowded streets and less stress on our fragile ecosystem.

Our world has changed, and we have risen to the occasion, becoming stronger together on this, our island home. We have seen that change is an opportunity for growth and wisdom, and practicing real aloha is the best standard to follow for a sustainable future. Without it, it’s all an impossible dream.

Kulia i ka nu‘u: Strive for the summit, and do your best always. This is the definition of true success.

Shana Wailana Logan


Suicide bombers

Suicide bombers live in their twisted reality. They do not care about the damages they inflict on themselves and the innocent people around them.

Those who refuse to wear masks in this pandemic have the same mentality as that of the suicide bombers.

Lo-Li Chih


Trump as Thanos

I recall seeing a campaign ad awhile ago depicting Donald Trump as the villain Thanos in the “Avengers: Endgame” movie and snapping his fingers, at which time some prominent Democrats faded into dust.

Additionally, Trump recently touted ingesting bleach and taking hydroxychloroquin as a means of combating the COVID-19 virus.

Lastly, he endorsed reopening the country regardless of the fact that the coronavirus is still spreading uncontrollably throughout our nation. By doing this, Trump knows he can eliminate the poor, sickly and elderly more quickly and create a general population more to his liking.

And some people think he’s an idiot?


Prentiss Moreno