Your Views for July 12

Avoiding violence

Confrontation and conflict on Maunakea are inevitable. What is not and should not be inevitable is violence.


Let’s all agree that the state, University of Hawaii and the Thirty Meter Telescope got off on the wrong foot when this project started. People spent years of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of or in opposition to the project.

Gov. David Ige just announced construction will begin shortly, and opponents are organizing protests. What should have started as a respectful conversation ended in court proceedings.

Tensions will run high on Maunakea. The choice to avoid violence is solely in eachother’s hands. Anyone who suggests, encourages or promotes violence, on either side, is the wrong voice to listen to and the wrong path to follow.

Protesting TMT or enforcing our laws should not jeopardize anyone’s health and safety. Respect begets respect.

The protesters’ commitment is unquestionable. Their presence and voice are their best message. Equally as compelling is the oath that law enforcement officers and first responders took to protect our community and enforce our laws.

My hope is that protesters and law enforcement officers can safely return to their families each day. I also hope that Hawaii’s shakers and movers see the consequences of their mistakes. They need to see the faces of protesters and those of our law enforcement officers who will end up having to pay for those mistakes.

Ted H.S. Hong


Cartoon complaint

Yeah, I’m definitely at the head of the line decrying our illustrious “dear leader,” Mr. Donald Trump.

You won’t get an argument from me when you point out his lifelong history of deceit, con jobs, racism and philandering. I totally and completely agree that he’s profoundly and intentionally ignorant, pandering to the worst in dictators, hate groups and individuals, threatens and lies with abandon, and is a genuine embarrassment to our wonderful country.

However, I must take some small amount of umbrage at the political cartoon of July 10 (Commentary, Tribune-Herald). While his oft-displayed lack of preparation and reading skills showed itself yet again in his July 4 speech, extolling the bravery of our revolutionary heroes’ aerial prowess, and was good for yet another cringe-worthy chuckle, I feel this cartoon went too far.

Yes, it’s obvious to most (painfully so to many) that this man of loose morals and even looser intellect will invariably trip over his own brain, but while such occasions are fair game for a laugh — which keeps us from openly weeping — we also need to use some restraint, not only to keep as much as possible to the high road, but to minimize the alienation and division among our fellow citizens (misguided though some may be).

I always enjoy reading the Tribune-Herald and the many clever and funny satires you provide. Keep up the good work, just at a “kinder, gentler” pace.


Mary Serion


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