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Bark but no bite

A major function of the state Legislature is to enact new laws. But what good is a law that can not be enforced? The new service animal law (Tribune-Herald, Dec. 26) falls into this dubious category.


Under federal law, a public establishment may not ask to see certification, identification or other proof of your service animal’s training or status. But that’s really a moot point, because Hawaii doesn’t issue such documentation anyway.

Our representatives contend that the new service animal law has value, because it might make people think twice about falsely identifying pet dogs as service animals. Really?

Most people would probably agree that there are just too many stupid laws on our books. So if the Legislature really wanted to address this fundamental systemic problem, it would pass a law that for every new regulation, two must be revoked.

I suggest you don’t hold your breath!

Fred Fogel


Stop the insanity

Has America gone completely mad?

Looking at a few recent papers at my councilor’s office the other day, trying to stave off the stress of a meltdown of the world, I read two Tribune-Herald articles simultaneously.

One was about another enormous, unjustified increase in Matson shipping rates and even higher HELCO rates, among other outrages, further burdening already overburdened Big Islanders in the interests of, as usual, the overprivileged.

And as the Big Island gets fleeced yet again, like a Third World colony, what is Sen. Russell Ruderman up to? He crafted a bill to chastise service dogs! Seriously, that’s what he’s spending his time on.

With all the terrible problems facing this island, and worse problems nationally, what is our homegrown “progressive” senator up to? He’s hot on the case, making sure that the blind and handicapped aren’t trying to get away with something during the holidays!

“The nation may be getting milked dry by corruption and the meltdown of education and infrastructure, but, dammit, it’s those damned service dogs that are the problem. They really need to be reigned in! Forget the high crimes and treason in high public office and the attempted overthrow of democracy by vested interests, as well as our more serious problems. The real problem is those pernicious service dogs!”

For God’s sake, can we get some leaders who can at least see where the problems are, even if they’re too scared to do anything about them? This is just embarrassing!


Harley Brent Hightower


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