Researchers hope to learn more about quakes associated with Kilauea

  • Photo courtesy of DAVID BLANK/Rice University Rice University graduate student David Blank poses with the last of 12 ocean-bottom seismometers to be placed off the southeastern shore of the Big Island of Hawaii in July. The seismic instruments are expected to capture information for the next two months about ongoing earthquakes and aftershocks associated with the eruption of Kilauea.
  • Photo courtesy of RICE UNIVERSITY

    Rice University researchers who joined colleagues on the Big Island this month to place seismic instruments off the island’s coast also took the opportunity to fly over the ongoing Kilauea volcano eruption July 16. With their pilot, from left, are Jackie Caplan-Auerbach of Western Washington University, Julia Morgan of Rice, Yang Shen of the University of Rhode Island and David Blank of Rice.

Researchers from Rice University in Houston recently joined colleagues from Western Washington University and the University of Rhode Island in placing seismometers off the coast of Hawaii Island with the hopes of gaining new insight into the landscape under the ocean floor.