Your Views for December 29

Unsafe for hunting


Unsafe for hunting

For the past 40 years, I have hunted at Pohakuloa Training Area. I have also trained there for 20-plus years when I was in the military. During those years, I have always felt safe while hunting and training there, until (the last weekend in November).

PTA personnel decided to restrict vehicle parking and access into training/hunting areas No. 1 to No.4 for bird hunting. Why? I don’t know. I can’t comprehend the reasoning for it; surely, safety can’t be it.

With these new rules, they now have numerous clusters of vehicles, dogs and hunters in confined areas entering and exiting the field. How can this be safe for anyone? This is a preventable accident waiting to happen.

Before you enter into a training/hunting area you must sign a disclaimer and waiver of liability. Is that supposed to keep you safe? To me, the waiver plays right into their unsafe rules, which they must feel is OK to do.

At PTA, live-fire range personnel can’t carry their weapon along with live ammunition, or walk toward one another from different directions, for safety reasons. Yet, they make us hunters do it now. Because of this new “rule,” I no longer feel safe taking my family hunting for fear of their safety.

Hopefully, PTA personnel will revisit their bright ideas and make it safe and right. The only reason I see for these changes is to frustrate and deter the hunters and their families from hunting and enjoying the outdoors at PTA.

B. Heidenfeldt


‘Obey the law’

I really wish the citizens of Hawaiian Paradise Park would obey the law and wait until New Year’s Eve from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. to set off their fireworks.

Not only are they loud and disturbing for me as I try to sit comfortably in my home watching TV or trying to sleep, but my dog is a nervous wreck!

There is a proper time to set off fireworks that give those of us who have animals time to prepare. Please, set an example for your children, and obey the law!


J. Ingman

Hawaiian Paradise Park