Let’s Talk Food: Hawaii Community College’s five-course dinner

Hawaii Community College’s Culinary Arts Program has been in existence since 1952, preparing students “to achieve excellence in their career.” Currently, there are 63 students enrolled in the program at the Hilo and Palamanui campuses. Ninety percent of the college’s students are from Hawaii Island, and 78 percent of the alumni stay on the island. Our community has a vested interest in the college, as many of us depend on HCC’s graduates as future employees.

Volcano Watch: Kilauea Volcano’s summit eruption is now a decade old

A little more than 10 years ago, conditions around Kilauea Volcano’s summit were much different than today. The caldera floor was open to the public, and the air above it was normally clear. Halema‘uma‘u was an impressive sight, but peacefully in repose. That quiet phase at Kilauea’s summit ended abruptly in 2008, ushering in a new era of lava lake activity that continues today.