Pacific Island Print Makers present ‘Jigsaw Plus’

The Pacific Island Print Makers group is presenting its “Jigsaw Plus” at Wailoa Center through May 29.


The Pacific Island Print Makers group is presenting its “Jigsaw Plus” at Wailoa Center through May 29.

Artists include John McCaskill, Nora Yamanoha, Andrea Pro, Margaret Barnaby, Lisa Louise Adams, Henry Bianchini, Elizabeth Miller and Jonathan Sudler.

In 2013, the group developed a project based on 28-inch-by-42-inch six-piece plywood jigsaw puzzles. Each participant designed and carved their own puzzle.

In addition, the group worked together on a puzzle, each person carving a different alphabet or pictograph on their piece. Then, the group spent a day in the studio printing the woodcut puzzle in a variety of ways.

The project was so stimulating the printmakers decided to experiment with new sizes, shapes and techniques in puzzle printing and include three guest sculptors in the 2014 exhibition in Wailoa’s Main Gallery.

Guest sculptor Bianchini describes his process of excavating fragments of materials and previous work from his studio and modifying them to create a work that reflects the nature of life, past and present, while expressing the notion of a puzzle on many levels: intellectually, philosophically and psychologically.

Miller created works in metal and mixed media that reference the process of archetypal symbols rising from the depths of our collective unconscious to help us solve “puzzles” in the outer world.

Having experienced a steep learning curve on the previous woodcut puzzles, Margaret Barnaby’s new print reflects a favorite summer time activity of doing jigsaw puzzles with family and friends.

Andrea Pro designed and printed an elaborate puzzle based on the tiled interior of an architecturally grandiose Turkish mosque.

Barnaby and Adams will also conduct a free hand-printing demonstration from 1-4 p.m. Wednesday.


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