Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water launches ‘Alohi Sparkling Water

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Waiakea Water: Alohi Sparkling Water is Here

Waiakea Water: Alohi Sparkling Water is Here

In the Native Hawaiian language, ‘alohi means shining and brilliant, which lends itself to the effervescence of sparkling water.

After years of anticipation from loyal consumers and fans, Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water announced this week the addition of ‘Alohi Sparkling Water to its refillable aluminum bottle line, complementing the Hana Hou Still Water bottles that were launched in February. Waiākea is the first healthy, sustainable, and charitable premium bottled water of its kind, and the local business is sticking to its “hana hou” re-use approach as each aluminum bottle can be refilled more than 100 times; each refill saves the equivalent carbon emissions of driving two miles.

Newly introduced Waiākea ambassador and Hawaiian-born professional surfer Coco Ho was one of the first to say aloha to ‘Alohi. The world-renowned professional surfer explained she is proud to represent her beloved Hawaiian home with a brand like Waiākea that has local history, national distribution, and a commitment to global philanthropy.

As summer starts to heat up, Ho will promote ‘Alohi as a fizzy and refreshing hydration option, to be enjoyed alone or as a carbonated mixer. Like its fellow Waiākea products, ‘Alohi also abides by the company’s brand pillars: “Drink Healthy. Drink Sustainably. Drink Ethically.”

“The ocean is my home, and it’s important for me to work with brands that understand the importance of clean water, as well as environmental conversation as a whole,” Ho said. “Waiākea is healthy and tastes great, but what’s more important is that the company does good for the world. They represent my values as a Hawaiian native and global citizen, and I’m excited to support their new product launches like ‘Alohi.”
Waiākea was founded in 2012 as the first Hawaiian volcanic water and triple bottom line premium water of its kind. The business’ mission is to provide naturally healthy, delicious, Hawaiian volcanic water, while contributing to and promoting conservation, and access to clean water and education for people in need in Hawai’i and around the world.

The water originates in Hawai’i through both rain and snowmelt on the pristine peak of the active Mauna Loa volcano, one of the purest environments on Earth. The water then filters through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock, re-emerging at the surface with a variety of essential minerals, creating a refreshing, naturally alkaline water with a pH of 7.6-8.2.

Waiākea continues its landmark program, The Kōkua Initiative, which gives back to local communities and non-profits throughout Hawaii. Its focus is on education, supporting the elderly community, and providing relief to those most in need. Last year alone, Waiākea was able to positively impact the lives of nearly 20,000 people in Hawaii, especially those directly affected by COVID-19.

Waiākea also recognizes that not everyone has access to safe, clean water. Therefore, the company formed a partnership with Pump Aid, an organization dedicated to bringing safe, clean water and supporting hygiene and handwashing in poor rural communities in Malawi, Africa. For every liter of Waiākea water sold, the company has pledged to donate one week of essential drinking water to those in need in Malawi.

“Simple acts of kindness can bring a smile to someone’s face, brighten someone’s day and pull people together,” said Geoli Ng, director of the Waiākea Kōkua Initiative. “The Kōkua Initiative was determined to do just that and identified what the needs of the community were.”

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water
Where: 447 Kalaniana‘ole Ave., Hilo, 96720
Web: waiakea.com
Call: 1-855-WAIAKEA (1-855-924-2532)
Social Media: @waiakea (Facebook and Instagram)
Products: Customers can look for a wide variety of Waiākea products, ranging from Keiki (330 milliliters) and Nui (one liter) bottles all the way up to the Pahu Nunui (15-liter box) and Hana Hou (670 milliliter refillable aluminum bottle).


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