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Let’s Talk Food: Dinner at the Meridia

It is nice to go out to eat at different restaurants to see how other chefs present their dishes. One such is Meridia at the Hapuna Westin Hotel. Chef de Cuisine Junior Ulep tries very diligently to make dishes using 95 percent Big Island products, whether it is sourced from OTEC, a Kona coffee farmer, a farmer like Raymond Kawamata from Kawamata Farms or even in the garden in the back of the restaurant.

Calendar for April 28

Get out and go! There’s something for everyone in this week’s Calendar. Check it out!

Foods for the prevention of osteoporosis

As we age, the density of our bones naturally decreases because of a gradual loss of minerals. When that mineral loss is severe, a condition called osteoporosis occurs and is more common in women after menopause.