Stories by Bart Wright

The Scene: We have the cure for the need for speed

We all have those driving moments when we see ourselves as technically proficient, skilled drivers, gliding through corners in expert, precise fashion as we drive up the Hamakua Coast, decelerating just enough going into the turn to stay in our lane, then accelerating appropriately to burst into the next straightaway.

The Scene: Weather the only drag for hearty racers

That old line about things “looking up,” is a universal commentary on the normal course of affairs when the Hawaii Drag Racing League fires the engines at the track outside of Hilo, as it did again over Memorial Day Weekend.

Wright On: Four sources of pride in our community

Most people who read this section of the newspaper have a team, or teams they support and over time we come to feel a real attachment with “our teams.” When they win, we’re happy, when they lose we grumble and moan.