Volcano Watch: Did lava flow out of Mauna Loa’s southern caldera in 2022?

Sources/Usage: Public Domain. Map of the Mauna Loa 2022 eruptive fissures, shown as red lines. Red shaded area indicates lava flows produced during the eruption, around the fissure vent areas. Solid white line indicates mapped outer caldera boundary. White dotted line indicates inferred outer caldera boundary that is buried by historic Mauna Loa lava flows. Fissures on map were documented by C. Parcheta at USGS; lava flow polygons by USGS National Civil Applications Center.

The recent 2022 Mauna Loa eruption began just before midnight, at 11:21 p.m. on November 27. The first caldera floor fissures were visible in webcams; however, the activity propagated south, outside of the view of the webcams, in the initial hours of activity.