Tropical Gardening: A healthy lawn adds value to your home

  • Photo courtesy of Voltaire Moise Kona’s three-month drought is taking its toll on unirrigated farms and home gardens even at 1,500 feet elevation. Until this dry season, rainfall was abundant for the last 4 years, so shallow rooted lawns are the first to suffer in the landscape. Note that the bamboo in the background is suffering stress as well.

Whether you have a home with a large yard or an apartment with a small lanai, plants create a more luxurious mood. Attractive trees, shrubs and lawns actually increase the value of a home. In fact, if you cut down that big shade tree in the front yard, you may actually be reducing the value of your property by thousands of dollars. Just think how much it would cost to have a landscape company replace it! When trees are destroyed, it affects the whole community.