Your Views for October 13


A few days ago, all major news media reported about the incursions of Chinese war planes into Taiwan’s air defense zone. Both the news media and politicians portrayed this as China’s threatening and provocative act against Taiwan. Some even describe it as China’s preparation for invading Taiwan. By looking into a little more details of this event, we will know it is actually just another case of typical disinformation.


The Air Defense Identification Zone claimed by Taiwan — the Republic of China — is quite large. About a third of Taiwan’s ADIZ is actually over the land mass of mainland China. Technically, dozens or hundreds of China’s war planes flying over their land would be classified as intruding Taiwan’s ADIZ every day.

Making a big deal out of those “incursions” would look too ridiculous. So, they were never mentioned by the news media or politicians.

The incursions took place at the southwest corner of Taiwan’s ADIZ. China’s war planes flew toward an area south of Taiwan and came back on the same path. The planes never flew toward Taiwan. The distance between the flight paths and Taiwan was greater than the distance between mainland China and Taiwan. Claiming those incursions as China’s threatening acts is really a far stretch.

So, why did China send so many war planes through the far corner of Taiwan’s ADIZ during those few days in the beginning of October? Because, the U.S. and allies were conducting a naval exercise in an area right south of Taiwan. That exercise included three carriers, 14 other surface ships and an unknown number of submarines.

Needless to say, this exercise would be seen as a show of force toward China. Any competent naval exercise planner would count on China’s ships and planes to observe or shadow what was going on, as this would be a good opportunity to test the reactions and weakness of China’s ability. Their participation must have been anticipated and even welcomed. Nevertheless, the news media and politicians twisted China’s reactions to our show of force as China’s aggression toward Taiwan.

Disinformation is not just by making fake news. It is often created by taking information out of context with some twisting and lying, so it would promote a specific agenda.

Maps and a lot more information about that incursion event are easily available. Unfortunately, most major news media had already reduced themselves as dispensers for the “weapons of mass disinformation.”

Disinformation has polarized this nation to the edge of a civil war. It is reasonable for the Jan. 6, 2021, failed coup. Disinformation on COVID-19 has contributed to the death of several hundred thousand people in the U.S.

Fabricated justification had also kept putting the U.S. into one war after another. Unless the politicians could kick their disinformation addiction, they will lead us to self-destruction — long before the end of the next “forever war.”


Lo-Li Chih