Your Views for March 16

Help clean highway

I wanted to find people who would share my concern about the current conditions of Highway 130.


It hurts my heart every time I drive on it to see how dirty it is, how long it’s stayed this way and that it’s getting worse every day!

A lot of trash bags are just loose. And trash flies around, especially around the Keaau Transfer Station, and generally between Keaau to 130 and Pahoa. It’s painful to watch!

I’m cleaning the stretch of the ocean cliff between Paradise and Makuu streets in Hawaiian Paradise Park on a regular basis and, unfortunately, I collect a big bag of trash practically every day!

I am doing this little thing which I can do, and I believe there are some other people out there who can help with the problem along Highway 130. I’ve never seen any highway that looks as abandoned by its users.

All of this trash ends up in the ocean, and we have to protect the ocean!

Please, let’s get together and do all that is necessary to fix the problem! The state Adopt-A-Highway program is going to be open again this month. I applied for the program and am looking for some concerned neighbors to join me. The program will provide safety vests and bags.

We need to take care of this beautiful land and spectacular ocean!

If any neighbor, group or organization would be willing to join me in starting to clean Highway 130, I will be with you! Please let me know. Together we can do it!

Elena Pomelov (


Great band

Let’s change the current subject and soak up something so fine as the Hawaii County Band.

They played at the Mo‘oheau Bandstand on Saturday and gave us all the joy of music. What a high!

We got to enjoy them for one hour through traffic noise and rain.

What a treasure to enjoy their talent and forget about reality for a short while.

We thank each musician and the band leader. We all soaked up every note.

God bless you all, and mahalo plenty!


Lynise Tarring