Your Views for January 5

‘Trump media’

This is from the transcript of President Trump’s phone call last Saturday to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (a Republican), pressuring him to overturn the November election.


Trump mentioned “reporting” that showed fraud, but Raffensperger explained that every one of Trump’s social media conspiracy theories about voter fraud in Georgia had been thoroughly investigated.

Raffensperger: Mr. President, the problem you have with social media, they — people can say anything.

Trump: Oh this isn’t social media. This is Trump media.

“Trump media.” Not social media. Perhaps we should call it “anti-social media” or “sociopathic media.” The kind of media that doesn’t care what the Georgia secretary of state says. Or the attorney general of the United States. Or every state in the nation that certified their own election results. No, “Trump media” does not care about what anyone says, except for one man — Trump.

Apparently, the Republican party is split down the middle on how much to enable Trump’s fantasies at the cost of our democratic system. Twelve Republican U.S. senators and more than 100 House members are repeating the president’s lies and will be voting Wednesday to throw out the November election and start over. They admit there is no evidence but say enough of their constituents believe those lies that they feel it is their responsibility to speak up for those people.

The Republicans who are enabling Trump live in fear that he will turn on them. This is what he does, even to his most loyal supporters who cross him even once. If they don’t side with him on this attempted coup, he is threatening to support a challenger in their next primary. Apparently, that’s enough of a threat to have these supposed public servants throw the Constitution down the toilet.

“Trump media.” Every dictator should have one.

Matt Binder


Rodenhurst unqualified?

Although Ikaika Rodenhurst is a respected engineer and community member, he does not appear to be the right choice for Public Works director.

First, he does not appear to have administrative experience in government or private business. The County Charter requires that the director have “… a minimum of five years of experience in an administrative capacity” (Section 6-2.2).

Second, the Public Works director is responsible for seeing that individuals and businesses comply with regulations aimed at preventing hazardous construction, preventing flooding and erosion and protecting the environment. However, at times people find the regulations onerous and seek to circumvent them.

Enforcing these regulations might put Mr. Rodenhurst in the uncomfortable position of making life more difficult for many businesses and individuals who made large donations to his campaign for County Council. Or, he might have to recuse himself from so many actions that he could not fulfill his director responsibilities.

Campaign donations from business interests included $4,000 from out-of-state addresses, $12,500 from Oahu and almost $11,000 from Hawaii Island.

It appears Mr. Rodenhurst did not attract any financial support or endorsements from local organizations concerned about protecting the environment — while his opponent was endorsed by three such organizations.

Martha “Cory” Harden


Not 2020’s fault

Happy New Year!

Lots of people are saying, “Good riddance to 2020!”

But what we really would like to say is: “Good riddance to COVID-19!”

Blame the virus, not the year.


Lloyd Fukuki