Latest Kilauea eruption confined to Halema‘uma‘u crater

This USGS aerial photo taken shortly before noon Tuesday shows the two active fissures in Kilauea volcano's ongoing summit eruption in Halema‘uma‘u crater.

The recent eruption at Kilauea Volcano’s summit, within Halema‘uma‘u crater, has generated a lava lake that is being fed by two fissures. Halema‘uma‘u crater has previously been occupied by a water lake (July 2019 to December 2020) and a lava lake (2008 to 2018). The current lava lake is larger than both previous lakes; though it occupies a similar (but larger) location of the former water lake, its location is slightly more north than the former lava lake. USGS map by M. Zoeller.

Kilauea’s latest eruption might stoke fears of a repeat of 2018’s devastating lava flows, but for now, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory says the lava is isolated at the summit.