Your Views for August 28

Burning pollutes

Love it or hate it, Honua Ola, if approved by the Public Utilities Commission, will contribute to air pollution.


Why? Because it burns wood to produce energy/electricity. Like in the good ol’ days when we didn’t know that it causes climate change.

Homeowners like me aren’t allowed by law to burn trash on our premises anymore, so how come Honua Ola will do just that?

No make sense.

Lloyd Fukuki


Dictator Trump

I would like to thank Pam Wilson for her Aug. 9 letter (Your Views, Tribune-Herald) pointing out how we, as a free nation, are in trouble. I agree.

Look at what President Donald Trump has done. He broke up peaceful protests in Washington, D.C., with the use of military.

He sent troops to Portland under a false guise of protecting federal property but only to incite the protesters and make things more volatile.

He is using the military for his agenda, and it’s just a start. He is letting us know he can and will do it for whatever is on his agenda and will not go through Congress, basically eliminating our voice.

He has made it clear that he intends to stay in office no matter what it takes, openly and admittedly defunding the U.S. Postal Service to cripple mail-in voting in order to manipulate the election! He has a team of lawyers working to challenge the outcome when he loses.

He keeps everything in turmoil so we are divided. (Divide and conquer!)

He said in January that he thought he should stay in office past the eight-year limit.

Wake up, America! Write to anyone you know here or on the mainland, whatever party, and have them contact their congressperson in Washington to stop this guy this election. If we don’t, we will have a permanent president (dictator).

James Lehner


‘False equivalency’

Vicki Vierra missed one very important fact in her “lesson plan” (Your Views, Tribune-Herald, Aug. 21).

When you use a false equivalency to arrive at a conclusion in an argument, it is likely to invalidate the remainder of the argument, and the conclusion might well be false.

Since the virus cannot exist in the air on its own and must reside inside water droplets, the face mask comparison to the chain-link fence must be modified.

The virus comes out of our mouths as a part of our breathing — and it does so in droplets of water. In her equivalency, the gnat would be traveling on the surface of a basketball wrapped in flypaper. Indeed, the chain-link fence — even a rusty one — would be extremely effective.

Anybody with glasses who has worn a face mask and whose glasses have steamed up when the upper portion of the mask is poorly sealed (especially when singing), knows that these water droplets are very real. They also know that the face mask is very effective at blocking them.

Vicki is wrong on many other points in her letter, as well. She really needs to take a look at her “lesson plan.”

Perhaps she can learn a lesson of her own.


Leslie Hittner


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